Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cool Daddy Rat Rocks!

Cool Daddy Rat by Kristyn Crow is a jazzy look at the New York City jazz scene. Cool Daddy leaves for his nightly gig and hears noises coming from his bass case. Lo and behold when he opens it up his son, Ace, pops out. He had followed his cool daddy-o while he travels around NYC playing his bass in a variety of locations, some well known, Broadway, Soho, and Times Square. And some not so well known, like the schmooze cruise, a rooftop, and for a fat cat.

The rhyming of this book is made even more fun by the scat interludes on each page like:

went an odd way down Broadway
hippy zippy zee zat
and found Ace in his bass case!
peeky squeaky who dat

When Cool Daddy Rat finds out that Ace can scat and bee bop with the rest of them, he puts his talents to work as the tour concludes with a sleepy taxi ride.

The illustrations by Mike Lester are bright and fun and add to this very hip story. I can't wait to make this a PICK FROM THE PIT! I think the kids are going to love it.

Can you dig it? I knew that you could!


  1. My husband is a jazz musician, so I'm happy to have found out about this one for our little guys. I love the variert in the books you suggest--thanks!

  2. Oh Holy Moses! I hear the kids scattin' already from the pit! What a great "audience participation" book!