Sunday, March 19, 2017

Great Girls' Day! - #SOLSC Day 19

I love March, when during the Slice of Life Challenge, I commit to writing on a daily basis. It's fun during 31 days of posts to watch the ebb and flow of my writing. Some days I'll be incredibly pleased with how a post turned out; other days I'll just be glad I posted anything at all. A huge thanks to the gang at Two Writing Teachers for hosting, organizing, and commenting on this ginormous event each year. I appreciate the community of writers you encourage the entire month of March, and all the Tuesdays the rest of the year. Thank you, thank you.

**This March, I plan to connect as many posts as possible to my #OLW for the year - SAVOR.** 

Today was a great day. I went to a baby shower.

To get to the baby shower, my oldest daughter came to our house, and we drove together. There were many threads of conversation in the car for 40 minutes.

I'm sorry I was running late; I was having a bad hair day and I couldn't figure out my outfit and accessories.
I think your hair looks great.
Are you getting excited for vacation?
I'm so proud of you for your promotion at work.

And then we picked up two more passengers. My aunts (my mom's sisters) were invited to the shower, and I offered to stop in their town and pick them up since they lived on the route to the shower. More threads of conversation filled the car.

Have you heard anything about your parents' tombstone?
How has your therapy been going?
I miss your dad and mom so much.
How are your grandkids?
How do you like living in Grandview? How is your sister doing?
Did you know they were adding a bedroom on to their house at the lake?
What kind of car is this? It rides so smoothly.

Once at the shower, the celebration was all about my niece, Jen, and her baby. So many family and friends gathered to "shower" them both with gifts and love. It was a thing of beauty, and I'm so glad I got to be a participant. And watching Jen's emotions as she saw my aunts climb the stairs brought tears to my eyes - for her, they were a representative of the one grandmother who wasn't with us anymore, but through them, she was there in spirit.

Back in the car for the two hour drive home, and more time with three of my favorite females. Threads of conversation filled the car again.

This day was about love, family, threads of conversation, missing my mom and dad, celebrating a new person entering our lives soon, and caring for one another.

Today was a great day. I went to a baby shower.

Jen, Aunt Bert, Aunt Florence

Aunt Florence, Aunt Bert, Kate, and me

Kate and me


  1. This was just beautiful, Karen. I love the way you used that repeating line to emphasize what a meaningful and rich day it was.

  2. Karen,
    As I read this post I heard your voice, laughter, and your smile. I can also see where you and Kate got that great smile. Such a beautiful and reflective memory to savor.

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