Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bullet Journal Joy - #SOLSC Day 2

I love March, when during the Slice of Life Challenge, I commit to writing on a daily basis. It's fun during 31 days of posts to watch the ebb and flow of my writing. Some days I'll be incredibly pleased with how a post turned out; other days I'll just be glad I posted anything at all. A huge thanks to the gang at Two Writing Teachers for hosting, organizing, and commenting on this ginormous event each year. I appreciate the community of writers you encourage the entire month of March, and all the Tuesdays the rest of the year. Thank you, thank you.

This March, I plan to connect as many posts as possible to my #OLW for the year - SAVOR.

I recently discovered the joys and unbelievable organizational assistance of a Bullet Journal. It was designed for people like me who try to get organized, but end up with lists everywhere, and can't always remember where the necessary list for the moment is. Today's post is celebrating this new organizational tool:

Lists and lists and lists

could be found on post-its, on jot pads,
on notepads and notebooks, in my calendar
on the counter, in my purse, in my schoolbag, 
on my steering wheel, on the door to the garage
and in some cases, not found at all

Needed my lists...
to stay organized
to help remember
(think of idea / forget to write it down / it's gone...)

Needed a better system...
discovered the Bullet Journal

Mentor texts that got me started...
Kate Messner's blog post
Bullet journal's website and videos
You-Tube clips on ways to use the bullet journal

Fresh start to organization each month...
just turned page yesterday to organize 
for March and beyond 

Brought me joy...
as I filled in my new
monthly calendar
daily to-dos
yearly planning
exercise log
books to read log
clothes I have worn log
table of contents for these new sections

the organization of each page
every time a "to do" bullet gets checked off
adding new sections when they are needed
(a "places I want to travel" will be coming soon!)
organization for both my personal and professional lives
the creative feel and look of using colored pens
yet my fave Ticonderoga #2 makes an appearance also
having all my lists in one place



  1. I'm so jealous! I've started and stopped and started and stopped, over and over again. LOVE bullet journaling. I will get back to it again now that you've reminded me of the beauty of it!

  2. I have always thought about a bullet journal. Even tried it for a span of time. But I am simply not an organizer in my heart. I like the messiness of my life especially now that I am retired. I hope the bullet journal works for you. It appears to be helping by organizing a very busy life.

  3. What a great idea! I need to do this. I have never done a bullet journal before. I am forever forgetting to do things, and if it's not written down somewhere it's not going to happen. I have to get more organized or I'm going to go crazy at some point. I really like the way you formatted this. It had a nice flow.

  4. I have heard of bullet journaling, and I would love to give it a whirl!! Thank you for sharing your amazing poem and resources!

  5. I love, love, love my bullet journal! I love to decorate the pages with washi tape and stickers. It certainly is not necessary, but it makes me happy just to see it. I love it!!


  6. Oh man, I love the idea of a bullet journal! I'm afraid I'm too much of a perfectionist for it, though. I worry about wanting to move things, etc. But your poem made it so appealing! Maybe I'll think about how I can use my planner in ways that are like bullet journals.

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. I have never heard of a bullet journal ( I will check out your resources) but that is what I do on stickies on my computer desktop. Different color stickies for different purposes - different order/ different sections. I love it!!! It makes it easier for me to have it on my computer. I can't wait to learn more about it.


    1. Hi Friends!
      I haven't heard of a bullet journal either and I have tried so many systems and they all leave trying to remember where I last jotted that last note! UGH, will I ever find the system for me? Heading to check out these resources.

  8. I absolutely LOVE my bullet journal. Kate Messner was the impetus for me to get started, too. I love the daily checking off and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Wonderful idea of honoring your OLW with your posts.

  9. My bullet journal is my external brain. I love love love mine. I couldn't live without it for how it organizes me and propels me to get stuff done as well as it provides a go to space for EVERYTHING!!!

  10. This is really piquing my interest. I plan to look into bullet journals thanks to your eloquent praise of them! I also appreciate that you give avenues for further information.

  11. The next time we're together you're going to have to show me your bullet journal and tell me a bit more about it. I'm intrigued.


  12. I was inspired by that same post by Kate Messner! Love this poem about your journal and the peak inside. Funny how we can find joy in organization!