Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A love story in 5 acts - #SOLSC Day 7

I love March, when during the Slice of Life Challenge, I commit to writing on a daily basis. It's fun during 31 days of posts to watch the ebb and flow of my writing. Some days I'll be incredibly pleased with how a post turned out; other days I'll just be glad I posted anything at all. A huge thanks to the gang at Two Writing Teachers for hosting, organizing, and commenting on this ginormous event each year. I appreciate the community of writers you encourage the entire month of March, and all the Tuesdays the rest of the year. Thank you, thank you.

**This March, I plan to connect as many posts as possible to my #OLW for the year - SAVOR.**

A love story in 5 acts...

Act 1 - Childhood (family reunion)

Girl pulling the Pepsi from the trashcan full of ice and soda pop. Condensation rolling down the sides of the glass bottle. Opening it with a bottle opener. Tilting her head back, and drinking the ice cold Pepsi.
AAHHH... That's a bit of heaven on a hot, humid summer day.

Act 2 - College (dorm room)

College friends brewing coffee in their rooms to start their days, or stumbling to the cafeteria to get that first jolt of caffeine they needed after studying or partying all night long. One lone student choosing a different route. Every night, methodically prepping for the first drink of the next day. Styrofoam ice bucket in hand, traipsing down to the ice machine. Filling the bucket with ice, then heading back to the dorm room. Opening the closet, taking out 1 Pepsi can, and depositing it smack-dab in the middle of the bucket to chill in the ice during the night for her dose of morning caffeine.
AAHHH.. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Act 3 - Young Adult (on the phone)

Where would you like to go for dinner tonight?
A question asked often by friends.
Anyplace is fine with me... as long as they have Pepsi products.
AAHHH.. The simple pleasures of life.

Act 4 - Adulthood (movie theater)

Friends going to a movie, and making the prerequisite stop at the snack bar. Ordering a small popcorn, and a medium Coke. Heading to the fountain drink station, merely to fill the cup with ice, and not just some ice; ice all the way to the top of the cup. One friend, pulling a Pepsi out of her purse once inside the darkened theater, and pouring it over the ice.
AAHHH... Movie popcorn and ice cold Pepsi while watching a great movie.

Act 5 - Adulthood (any restaurant)

Waitress comes to the table.
What can I get you all to drink?
Everyone at the table chimes in with their order. One person remains.
I'll have a Pepsi with LOTS of ice, please.
AAHHH... An ice cold Pepsi with delicious food.

**Author's note: Cathy suggested that I had multiple slices hiding in my post about my cousins yesterday. I spent some time thinking about it, and realized she was right. For today, I focused on my love for that trashcan full of soda pop on ice. I think my love affair with Pepsi began at those reunions.
And unlike some, who went with Diet soda when it was available, for better or worse, I've always been a regular Pepsi fan. My absolute favorite way to drink Pepsi is when it is chillingly cold. I think I can trace that back to my reunion days as well.
So, there you have it, a few acts in my love story with Pepsi. I savor every sip!


  1. I love how you wrote it in acts -- the repetition worked really well and now ... I am thirsty. You brought me back to all the times I have heard you order this drink --exactly like that! Fun slice- so creative!!

  2. You know you make me want to grab a Pepsi. I've always been a fan of Pepsi products. I was a Pepsi lover until my husband started our conversion to Diet Pepsi. I never loved Diet Pepsi as much as I had loved Pepsi, but I never loved Diet Coke either. Oh, Pepsi. It's words like these that make me miss soda. Sometimes when someone opens a can I can still feel the calming relief of a soda over ice.

    Karen, the craft of this piece was perfect. You once again pulled a million stories together with one beautiful glistening thread. Well done, my friend.


    1. ---and you tied it your word. Impressive!

  3. I love how you sequence the acts too! Your repetition of Pepsi reminds me of the Sprite commercial where the athlete says he won't tell you to drink a Sprite. The suggestions are so powerful. Though I've mostly given up soda, I was once quite fond of the diet Pepsi.

  4. I noticed how well this fit with your OLW too! I was eager to click over and see what this love story in five acts would be, and I'm glad I did--very fun.

  5. Love the acts here, Karen. And though I haven't had any soda for almost two years, this post makes that sweet memory come back. AAHHH.

  6. I could write a similar piece for Diet Coke! Except I would have to include an act where I lug my carton of Diet Coke into school every week because I work in a Pepsi district!