Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowdays are Happy Days - SOLC #6

Today was quite an easy day for me to find my OLW,  "joy".  I was so excited once the call came at 5:00 AM, that I went ahead and got out of bed; I just didn't want to lose one precious moment of this gift.

If you've been following my posts, you know that February was a difficult month in our house.  Today was the very first opportunity I had to unwind from all of that.

At 5:00 AM, I padded downstairs in my pajamas, slippers, and robe, and nestled into the couch to catch up on both slice posts and blog posts from some incredibly thoughtful people.  For an hour or more, I read from my very overloaded Google Reader, left comments, and felt joy at being able to connect with my personal learning communities.

After I had breakfast, I sat down at the kitchen table to do progress report comments.  I see 52 students each day, so I had 52 comments to make about their growth in language arts.  When it's quiet in the house and I'm using my brain at the beginning of the day without interruption, it is amazing how quickly those comments got completed.  I was officially done just a few minutes before 11 AM.  The rest of the day was a package to unwrap in whatever way I wanted.

So I did something crazy - I booked a pedicure.  Our neighborhood streets were beginning to melt and my husband assured me the main thoroughfares were wide open.  So I went to the salon and I loved every minute of the soaking, the salt-glo massage, the exfoliation, the lotion massage, and the painting of the toes.  I'm sure people thought I was strange walking around in my flip-flops but I didn't care one iota.  The whole event was spontaneous and made me happy.

I finished a children's book (Hold Fast by Blue Balliett) and began a thriller by Tami Hoag, Down the Darkest Road.  Nothing deep, just fun escapism.  More joy.

And then I began to read my Twitter feed after dinner, and I saw a tweet from my oldest daughter who lives in Washington D.C.  She had linked to a site that made me laugh out loud, so I'm sharing it here  for your enjoyment too.  (Make sure to keep scrolling through it to the end; sometimes you will see twitter feeds but that's part of the article.)

So that's my day.  It was a gift that just kept on giving...

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting us again for the Slice of Life Challenge.  Head on over there to find out what other "slicers" have to say each and every day.


  1. Oh, what joy in the gift of a snow day! How glorious. It sounds like you lived it to the fullest!

  2. A snow day - I'm so jealous! :) Sounds like yours was delightful.

  3. What a great day! I love that you went and got a pedicure! Seems so funny to be tromping around in flip flops on a snow day!

  4. Now, that's the way to do a snow day!