Friday, March 15, 2013

Booking Travel - SOLC #13

I love to travel.  Because of that, there is something quite enticing about the pre-planning and organizing of a trip.  The planning is a tantalizing taste of wonderful things to come. 

Tonight, 30 parent-teacher conferences under my belt last night and today, and 14 more to go next week, it was time to savor the small joys of planning a few trips.

We leave in a week for Hilton Head, so I began to look for a place to stay along the way since we can't leave until a bit after noon; a perfect distance to get many miles behind us on Friday (but not too many), so that the drive to the island on Saturday will be a breeze.  Being the planning geek that I am, I have "google mapped" (do others use this phrase as a verb?) several different possibilities looking for just the right hotel.  Bingo!  Rock Hill, South Carolina it is!

Our daughters are joining us on Tuesday in Hilton Head, and though we will be picking them up at the Savannah airport, our oldest will be driving herself back to Savannah to catch a plane at the end of the trip, so I spent some time looking for best one-day car rental prices for her.

Then, looking ahead, at the end of May, we will be joining friends in Florida for a long weekend of golfing, relaxing, and spending time walking in the waves.  Southwest was my go-to for this piece of planning  Looking for that non-stop flight that gives us the maximum amount of time enjoying life was my goal. (And is there anything better than an airline with a great personality and 2 bags free!)

This little bit of planning was just what I needed to decompress from the week, and look forward to those wonderful get-aways ahead of us!

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting us again for the Slice of Life Challenge.  Head on over there to find out what other "slicers" have to say each and every day.


  1. One, Southwest is the only airline I fly. Love them. Two, I'm green with jealousy! Have a wonderful trip to Hilton Head!

  2. I'm jealous too! My mom and sister are leaving in an hour for two weeks in Grand Cayman. I'm longing for Beach/Book Time! Have fun!