Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's a Girls' Weekend!! - SOLC #7

After school today, I rushed home to pack the car, pick up one of my friends, and hit the road.  We were headed for a girls' weekend to meet other friends at a house that sits right on Lake Erie.  Woohoo!!

I chuckled to myself as I packed the car for this short amount of time and looked at how many bags full of groceries and beverages I was putting in the car. I laughed even more when my friend started loading her groceries and beverages. We could seriously eat and drink our way through just our supplies in a week... maybe.  Then when we got to the house and saw the counters and refrigerator overflowing with yet more food, we realized how excited we all had been for this trip.  We were settling in to relax, reconnect, and hopefully rejuvenate (and enjoy some amazing food and drink along the way).

I'll be posting more about this trip over the weekend.  Girlfriends are so important to us as women and I'm glad we carved out this time for each other.

(Sorry this post is a little late / had technical difficulties at the house last night but am now hooked up to the wifi)

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting us again for the Slice of Life Challenge.  Head on over there to find out what other "slicers" have to say each and every day.


  1. Oh, how I envy you. A weekend with the girls sounds heavenly. Enjoy every single minute of it and don't forget to come home. You have to teach on Monday. :)

  2. Love, love, love girls' weekends with my homies! Somehow copious amounts of food and drink always play a role in our weekends too!