Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break: Counter Point

So I've been reading my friends' emails and blogs from their beautiful Spring Break locales, Hilton Head, Siesta Key, Savannah, Georgia, and I thought it was about time for the rest of us to respond. While I'm happy that my friends are away relaxing and enjoying ocean views, wonderful restaurants, and glorious sunrises, I must admit, I'm a bit jealous too.

One of the drawbacks to teaching in a different district than where I live is that my Spring Break and my kids' Spring Break don't match up most of the time. Fortunately, we've enjoyed the same week for about three years, but not this year, so my kids were home last week and I'm home this week. No trips to exotic places for us, no, we're spending Spring Break in the Spring Break Capital of the World, Hilliard, Ohio! What!? You've never heard of it!? All the cool kids are going there, Hilliard is the new Fort Lauderdale, for cryin' in a bucket!

Let me explain:

While my friends are enjoying beautiful ocean views, I got to see the inside of Great Clips, PNC Bank and a number of grocery stores!

While my friends are dipping their toes in cold ocean water, I waded through the pile of paperwork that goes with filing taxes!

While my friends are watching groups of dolphins swimming, I watched 2 guys hang six new blinds in 10 minutes, it would have taken me 10 days!

See what I mean? You better book your rooms now, Hilliard is selling out months in advance.

Honestly, even though I wish we could have gone away as a family, especially since it's my daughter's senior year in high school, there have been some memorable moments so far.

I 've gotten to see Meredith's excitement of her first "real" job at Panera. She's still in the training phase, but you can expect to see her behind the counter soon!

I got to see Steven's first volleyball match as part of the Darby High School team. A match they won with a 9 point comeback sparked by his awesome serves and enthusiasm on the court in the third game.

I got to enjoy a nice Italian dinner out with the lovely Mrs. Prosser, just the two of us. Something we better get used to with our kids getting older.

All in all, it's been a pretty relaxing week, and I've read several good books that will give me material for the coming weeks, but right now I've got to get to Kohl's, Steven needs some new shirts and socks.



  1. Almost as exciting as North Clintonville! Especially the taxes! My favorite part of that project was dropping the envelope in the mailbox!!

  2. Hey Bill...just to add to your jealousy, I also got a new car for Spring Break. We had to leave our poor, broken-down car in Marietta. The bad payments again! Hilliard is the happening place. :)

  3. Well Bill, I spent my spring break in lovely Powell, Ohio. The girls and I did some local things and I worked at home and school. I had hernia surgery on Tuesday after our break and am now home recovering. Not sure if this is the way to extend a break, but it felt good to get lots of things done.