Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slice of Life - Last One

It's hard to believe that today is the the final day of the Slice of Life Challenge. In reflection, this year I did a few more "slices" than last year, but didn't come close to my goal in the beginning of writing a slice a day. Thanks to Stacey and Ruth for hosting this challenge once again. It's been a lot of fun both writing mine and reading others.

So, for my final Slice of Life...

I am sitting here at a table that looks out over a lagoon, two pools, amazing landscaping, and the ocean sitting about 100 yards away. The tide keeps rolling in, one wave at a time. It is another brilliantly sunny, though cool, morning without a cloud in the sky.

My goal this morning is to write a few blog posts and stockpile some reviews of children's books for later. The bad news about that goal is that it has been my goal every day since we've been in Hilton Head. My original plan is that I would get up and write for two hours every day. I imagined being a prolific writer away from the hustle and bustle of my daily work life.

But what I've learned about myself in the past four days is, that when I'm looking out at the view described above, I can't focus. I find myself thinking about the bike ride I'll be taking soon, wondering which book I want to read today, wanting to Google when high tide will be because I'll probably go down to the beach after that, thinking about which bathing suit to wear today, thinking about what seafood restaurant we should go to for dinner tonight, looking at the people on the beach and wondering where they're from and how long they've been biking, walking, or jogging. Like I said -- a real focus problem here!!

So, I guess the solution is I need to wrap up my writing, Google high tide, pick a book, and go take that bike ride in the near future. The rest can just unfold in my very unscheduled and unorganized day. Aren't vacations wonderful?!!!


  1. Karen,
    You did the right thing. Be in the moment! Sounds like I would be too.
    Great slicing with you,

  2. Karen,
    I'm with you. Yes, it's great to be Slicing but how can you keep away from that beach? Great slicing with you,

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  4. Karen,
    You can have your slice and beach it too. I have appreciated your comments. Here's wishing you good times writing...