Monday, October 12, 2009

The Goblin Finds an Empty Chair in THE PIT

Mem Fox has created a wonderful fairy tale of confusing proportions. Just looking at the cover, the kids predict a creepy, scary sort of story, it is that time of year after all. Once the story is read, however, they are surprised that it is actually just the opposite. The scary green goblin ends up having a kind, caring, helpful heart and isn't creepy after all.

I wasn't familiar with this book at all when I showed up at Cover to Cover last week. Beth handed it to me and I loved it immediately and knew it would be awesome in THE PIT.

The story is fairly simple, really, a goblin who is appalled by his own looks, vows to not show his face to anyone to save them the horror. As he comes to the aid of a family who is experiencing some sort of hardship, he takes great care not to be seen. Of course, all three of them see him and appreciate what he has done for them. At their next meal they leave an empty chair with a place setting of food hoping he will join them.

Mem Fox's words and the illustrations of Leo and Diane Dillon lead the reader right to the edge before leaving them in suspense. The student's faces at the surprise ending are priceless! I wish you could be there to see them. This book is moving right to the top of my Caldecott list.

There is a great video interview with Mem Fox about her two new books here.

Mem Fox reads The Goblin and the Empty Chair.

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  1. Loved it. My second graders and I spent a half an hour experiencing and discussing this book. It is a favorite in our room. So much to think about inside.