Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fundamentally Savvy Evening

My friend and former 5th grade teammate, Maria, told me this summer about this great independent children's bookstore / teacher store near her in Delaware, Ohio. The bookstore's name is Fundamentals. Tonight, Fundamentals hosted Ingrid Law, the author of Savvy, and Maria suggested that we go. I jumped at the chance to spend time with a friend, support an independent bookstore, and meet an author of a book I enjoyed very much. In my opinion, it was a win-win-win situation.

When I first got to Fundamentals, I was so taken with how bright and cheery it was. Then, I was introduced to Tami, the owner, and I was completely charmed by her. She has an infectious love of books and a need to share that love with others; it is hard to resist. That was evidenced by the young teens who were in the store asking Tami when the next book club would be and what would they be reading. Teenagers that desire to be in a book club -- Tami must be doing something right!

I also got to meet Ingrid Law and chat with her for a while. Another delightful person. She shared with us that she is currently working on her next book -- it is in the revision stage. Ingrid said that she was able to write Savvy in such a relatively short amount of time, that her editor assumed her next book would be done as quickly. Between being a mom and doing the meet and greet author thing for publicity, her time is a little more interrupted than the first time.

However, for all of you Savvy fans (and I admit I'm one of them), Ingrid shared some bonus information about her next book. I don't think any of them are spoilers; just interesting tidbits:
  • The next book is titled Scumble
  • There is a time jump from Savvy
  • Some old characters are back, but new characters are introduced as well
  • Gypsy is now 12 years old
And it wouldn't be an author visit, if I didn't get Ingrid to sign my copy of Savvy as well as take the requisite photo with the author. Since my friend, Maria, is the one that convinced to be part of this evening, she is also in the picture. Maria's in the tan, I'm in the purple, and Ingrid is in the middle, holding my copy of Savvy :).

I look forward to future trips to Fundamentals, and I also look forward to the next installment of the Savvy story -- this was a great evening!


  1. Remember how you said that there wasn't much to do where you lived? I think you just didn't want us to come and see Ingrid Law and that LOVELY bookstore. WOW! Love CROW CALL in the upper right-hand corner of your picture. :-) What fun!!!! Thanks for the "tidbits" about the new novel. Savvy was delightful.

  2. Hi Lara!
    So nice of you to drop in for a visit! I didn't even notice Crow Call in the store until you pointed it out. I will most definitely have to check it out soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Ok, I might have fibbed a little. We do have 2 terrific independent children's bookstores that are wonderful to visit. You are welcome any time.

  3. Shared your website with my class today-my class loved the photo! Thanks for sharing the evening with me.

  4. Maria -- You're so smart! Why didn't I think about sharing this with my class? They would love it. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for inviting me to join you in the "fun" at Fundamentals!