Saturday, July 18, 2009

Learning Technology--Mosaic Book Puzzles

OK, so a while back I posted a mosaic of our trip to Myrtle Beach. I said then I put it together just to see how the program worked and if I thought I would be able to use it with kids. I gave my self several weeks away to see if I could remember the steps and now have created a new one based on one of my favorite books from last year that just happened to win a Newbery Honor. See if you can guess what the book is based on the pictures.

This is one of the ways I plan to use this mosaic thing with the kids and I hope to create several more of these puzzles before the summer is over. Then I'll post them on the new SmartBoard in the library and see if they can identify them. Hopefully that will get their attention and some of them will want to create their own for their favorite books too.

By the way, welcome to colleagues Lisa and Shelly who kicked off their blog Two Learning Journeys. Two outstanding posts to begin with, I especially like the first with the Flip movie of diving in. Welcome to the pool, ladies!


  1. Love this--I can imagine how kids will approach this. Very cool idea.

  2. I am reading Savvy right now! Love this idea. I can't wait to try it.

  3. Looks great, partner! You are a tech guy in disguise! :)

    I am off to NYC early tomorrow.

    Thursday evening my computer died (don't know what I did to it at tech meeting). Anyway, Apple store had it for 2 days and I just got it back at 9 PM tonight. Needless to say, no posts got done.

    Sorry to leave you on your own for 5 days with no backup, but I promise I'll get busy again next Friday (if my computer allows!).

  4. NICE WORK!!! It's PERFECT for SAVVY! (And I'm proud of myself for guessing!)

  5. This looks fantastic and I think kids will LOVE the idea! It really shows comprehension and the potential for creativity is there. Did you gather most photos from the internet or do you just have a pink bus in your backyard?