Friday, March 11, 2016

Showing My Toes! - #SOL March 11, 2016

It's March and time for the Slice of Life Challenge! Thanks so much to the entire crew at Two Writing Teachers for organizing and hosting this massive event! You are all rock stars!

I'm excited to be part of the Challenge again this year. As I continue to tap into "joy" as the motivation for my writing, I am also tracking the territories about which I tend to write (and sometimes intertwine). Current writing territories are teaching, family, friends, travel, working with a personal trainer, the quirks of being me. Today my territory is again about the quirks of being me.

46 degrees this morning – no worries! I made a decision last night to wear my first flip-flops of the spring, and I wasn’t going to be deterred!

See, last night I got my first pedicure of the season. You know what I’m talking about:
  • ·      the pedicure that happens after feet have been encased in shoes, socks, and boots all winter
  • ·      the pedicure that happens after calluses have built up on your feet because of their encasement
  • ·      the pedicure that happens where the polish that was applied last time in November is now only found on the tips of your big toes
  • ·      the pedicure that happens when your toe cuticles are out of control

And the entire experience was lovely!!

It all began when my feet soaked in very warm water for over ten minutes, while the massaging “fingers” of the pedicure chair worked their magic up and down my back.  The person doing my pedicure was amazing – she also had magic fingers as she buffed calluses, filed and buffed my toenails, applied a mask on my feet and legs, massaged my feet and legs with lotion, and then applied polish.

During the massage part, I believe at one point I actually whimpered from the joy and release I felt.

So, when I woke this morning, and it was only in the 40’s, I did not waver from my plans. Flip-flops were the attire for today (with long jeans and a long sleeve sweater and scarf).

**I looked back through former years and noticed that pedicures show up with frequency. Wow! Who knew that pedicures themselves could be their own writing territory?!!**


  1. I love it! Weather isn't going to stop you!! I am so ready for spring and to abandon the boots and layers of clothes!

  2. These deserve to be their own territory! Nothing like a good pedicure. So glad you went with flip flops --no turning back. Love it - quirks and all!

  3. Absolutely love your post! Oh, how I love a pedicure. Time to get mine done. I sigh at the thought of my feet in that warm water and the gentle massage. The color is always a little celebration.

  4. I've been wearing flip-flops all week! If there is no snow, I'm not putting the boots back on!

  5. I was just thinking I should really get the flip flops out because it's been 60-70 degrees every day for the past week. Unheard of in March in South Dakota! So funny how pedicures have become their own writing territory. I've never had a pedicure before, but you've got me thinking they must be very nice!

  6. Like Elisabeth, I have never had a pedicure. Every year, I think maybe I will do it. You make me want to do it tomorrow!