Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating Firsts - #SOL March 20

It's March and time for the Slice of Life Challenge! Thanks so much to the entire crew at Two Writing Teachers for organizing and hosting this massive event! 

Thanks also to Ruth for each week hosting celebrations from us all. What a gift.

I'm excited to be part of the Challenge again this year. As I continue to tap into "joy" as the motivation for my writing, I am also tracking the territories about which I tend to write (and sometimes intertwine). Current writing territories are teaching, family, friends, travel, working with a personal trainer, the quirks of being me.

Today's celebration and slice is more of a photo essay.

Though I'm a day late, I need to celebrate a day of firsts from yesterday:

First drive across the bridge that always takes me to an island of relaxation

Traditional first lunch once on the island. Menu simple: she-crab soup and grilled shrimp. Then the first walk out on the dock behind the restaurant to check on the "catch of the day."

First view out of our condo window - it sets the stage for the days to come.

First walk on the beach - peaceful, relaxing, zen

 "First" celebrations feel good today.


  1. Oh my gosh, where are you? It's so beautiful. I feel so much more relaxed just by looking at your pictures. Have a wonderful time, Karen!


  2. So beautiful! I'm longing for beach time right now!

  3. I love your firsts! I am hoping for a first walk on the beach next week if I can find a spot to go for only a day or two!

  4. Beautiful! I hope you continue to have many more firsts this week that bring relaxation and joy!

  5. Karen,
    It's beautiful! Enjoy your walks on the beach and your fabulous island meals. I'm thinking this is a place that will inspire some joy for writing.


  6. I feel calm just reading this piece - the bridge line got me -- I love going back to familiar places. I think it is even more relaxing somehow. Take an early morning walk on the beach for me!

  7. The firsts that have been repeated time after time are ones to savor. The anticipation of these first are part of the experience. Looks like you will have a great week.

  8. Ah, wonderful, Karen. We're off to an island in June, and now you've made me want to go now. I hope you have a marvelous week there!

  9. Oh, my goodness. This looks beautiful! Soak up all the refreshment you can!!