Sunday, March 6, 2016

#Celebrate - #SOL March 6

It is the weekend, and even though most people post their celebrations on Saturday, I'd like to post mine today. Thanks so much to Ruth for hosting all of these celebrations and giving us a forum.

This week my celebrations focus on school, family, friends, and Slice of Life.

Wednesday night, one of our district's high schools hosted a Showcase of all that is happening in our 12 elementary, 4 middle, and 3 high schools. In addition, related services (such as literacy and numeracy coaches) had tables to share the impact they made in classrooms. I was one of the literacy coaches that helped man the table, and answered questions about out "embedded PD" model, and that was a lot of fun. But the highlights of the night, in my opinion, were the students there sharing their learning in a variety of ways.

Right beside our table, middle school students had designed a way to change mechanical energy (riding a bike) to electrical energy (making smoothies with a blender). Across the way, was my former school - they had brought a variety of ways for children to imagine, create, and play all at the same time. Many robots, with varying capabilities, were at the elementary table on the other side of us. Middle school drama students, high school choral groups, the list goes on and on. It was a night that highlighted that being a student learner is so much more than a test score. That was such a powerful message to all the community members in attendance!

Yesterday, we gathered at my brother's house to celebrate one of my niece's seventeenth birthday. Though not all family members were present, I  was so glad to spend time with those who were there. Outside of the holidays, it was one of the first times we had gathered together since my dad died last July. I'm so grateful we still are gathering for food, fun, conversation, and love.

After the birthday party, we got to spend time with friends last night. We gathered together for an annual night of laughter, lasagna dinner, euchre, and dessert. Three of the couples we met 30 years ago when we moved into a new neighborhood on the same street in houses right beside one another. What a blessing to still have these friends in our lives! Those friends who have known you through thick and thin, and still love you and appreciate you. That's a celebration!

I hope there are more celebrations for each of you this week!


  1. I am glad you had celebrations this week. I had not chosen one little word this year. After reading your Post I think I will choose celebrate.

  2. What a week of celebrations for you! I love the idea of sharing celebrations. Often I find myself getting caught up in the "what went wrong" events from the week. I think I will try this out to shift my mindset. PS- I'd love to hear more about your embedded pd model!

    1. Noel - could you send me the name of your blog? I would love to read your posts and respond as well. And I am always more than happy to talk about job-embedded PD!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Nothing like time to connect with family and friends -- thick and thin --that is what matters in life. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Celebrations large and small should always find a way into our thoughts and writings. Thanks for sharing, it made me smile.

  5. Wonderful celebrations, all, Karen - yo are surrounded by love and rich relationships.

  6. Every one sounds terrific, Karen, work events, family ones, and with long-time friends. Nice week!