Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Worrying is Part of the Job -- Slice of Life Tuesday

Sitting at the dinner table last night,
chatting with both daughters.
The topic was finding a job;
a topic close to home for both girls right now
as one hopes to relocate,
the other hopes to find her first "real" job

As I sat there listening and reflecting,
wishing the best outcome for both of them
(whatever that might be),
I realized I was worried for both of them:
worried about them being happy in whatever job they find
worried about their young adult lives
that look so fun and exciting most times
but are filled with so much uncertainty and angst at others

Later last night I received an email from a friend
sharing that her son had just broken his collar bone
I knew that she must be concerned and worried
about all the ramifications this will have for her son and her family
Much younger child; a parent who would be worried just like me

That email took me on a trip down memory lane,
thinking about how my worries and concerns regarding the girls
have changed over the years:

Will they sleep through the night?
Finding the right babysitter to care for them while we were at work
Will they make friends in school?
How could we not have known she needed glasses so badly?
Will she make the team for which she tried out?
Will she get the part she wanted for the recital?
Drama about friends and boys
Will they be safe as they learn to drive?
What do you mean you ran over the calming device and got a flat tire?
Finding the college that "fits" them best
Are they safe at school?
Realizing an entire ocean separated us when one studied abroad
and the other traveled abroad
Will she be safe in the big city in which she has decided to move?
Hoping they find the person that makes them happy

First world problems, to be sure
But real worries none the less

Worrying is part of this parenting job
But it's a job I wouldn't trade for anything

Other slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers, Ruth and Stacey's blog, the blog that inspires us all to be here.  Thanks so much to both of these wonderful women for providing us yet one more format in which to write!


  1. The worries change as our kids get older, but they don't go away. I hope your daughters find work that they love!

  2. Ah... the universal emotion of mothers. (and probably fathers, but I can't speak for them!)

  3. Just last night I found myself worrying over the end of year work my teacher/daughter has to do and the stress it is causing. Yup - all part of the job :)

  4. I never knew real worry until I had a child. It's a nagging thought that lives with you the rest of your life, but I wouldn't trade it away for anything.

  5. Love this slice, Karen. I have often found myself reflecting on the worries of my first years of parenting and realizing that you never stop wanting them to be safe and happy.

  6. Me, too, Karen, and my children are grown & have children too! I guess we just always have them close to our hearts, don't we? In our current days, I know it isn't easy finding work, however, so your worry is not unfounded. Best wishes to both!

  7. I guess we always worry as parents. I remember when my oldest went to college and I was worried about whether or not she would make friends and who she would eat lunch with. Just like in kindergarten. :) My mom just told me the other day that the worries never end. I guess we hope for and want our children to be happy.

  8. Amen, Karen. It doesn't get any easier as they get older. Actually the worries are further from my control. Cort is going out if the country next month. Worried. John just got a motorcycle. Worried. Cassie is trying to pick a college. Worried. As Grandma says in Wemberly Worried, "Worry, worry, worry. Too much worry."

    Good luck to both of your daughters as they search for a job.


  9. Thanks for this slice. I love to see the perspectives of mothers. There seems to be more alike than different.

    And, I'm glad I get the "friend" title in your slice. ;)

    See you TOMORROW!!!

  10. The quote "To have a child is to have your heart go walking outside your body the rest of your life." is so very true. I like the list you made and I have so many of those worries to "look forward to". :-P

  11. I know, some days I worry so much about my three year olds and think about the worries of the future. It's quite an amazing love we have for our children, big or small, the love is always there and continues to grow. Thanks for sharing and know everything will work out for your two!

  12. Boy, I needed to read this tonight! I get very stressed about many things, but especially my two children (late teens). It just seems that each life event is HUGE, and I want things to work out well for them. It's "nice" to know that I'm not the only worry-wart mom! :)