Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#cyberPD 2013 is here!!

I was so excited when I was catching up on twitter and blogs, and I saw that Cathy had posted an all-call for people to post pictures of what they want to read professionally this summer.  Better yet, I hadn't even missed the deadline for this.  Pictures were to be posted on Wednesday, June 12, and decisions about which book to think about together this summer would happen after that.

Count me in!!!  I love this summer PD.  The first year, we read and chatted about Patrick Allen's book, Conferring, the Keystone to Writing Workshop.  Then last year, we read and chatted about the wonderful words and messages in Opening Minds by Peter Johnston.  Great stuff, right?!!

my current summer professional TBR pile
This summer, I have kept my pile of professional reads small (at least for now).  I want to reread Franki Sibberson's thoughtful and specific, The Joy of Planning.  I also have received 3 books as gifts recently that are all clamoring for my attention:
  • Assessment in Perspective by Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan
  • Crafting Digital Writing: Composing Texts Across Media and Genres by Troy Hicks
  • Join the Club! by Katie Doherty Czerwinski

I anxiously look forward to what the #cyberPD choice will be.  Chances are I may be adding yet another book to my professional TBR pile.  Stay tuned!!

For more #cyberPD bookstacks, head on over to Cathy's blog to see the round-up.


  1. I suspect this is going to be bad, adding to these "large" book stacks seems rather crazy. I missed the last two years' conversations so am looking forward to this one, Karen!

  2. Oh my gosh-exact same pile. Makes me happy can't wait to begin summer conversations.

  3. What a great stack! Troy's book is amazing, and I'm eager to read Katie's book club one, as well. I'm still behind on a few relatively old ones, too :) Enjoy!

  4. I have read Franki's book & AinP, but think both would be worth a reread and the depth gained when talking about a book in a group. I have Join the Club on my list, and have considered Crafting Digital Writing. I know Troy usually writes for older students, but I gained so much from his last work anyway. Let me know what you think.

    Glad you are joining the conversation, Karen.