Sunday, June 23, 2013


I knew this was a summer that I would be reflecting and thinking about life, my teaching, my learning, and a multitude of other topics.  So, when I began to see the first promos for #TeachersWrite online I knew I wanted to take part in it this year.  As I looked at the guidelines, I realized I might not do every activity, but I will participate in as many of the prompts and lessons as I can.  I am personally determined to become a better writer.

By better writer, I don't necessarily mean someone who writes with the most eloquent of language.  Instead, I want to be a better writer by writing each and every day.  I just returned from the fabulous All Write conference, and one presenter after another shared the importance of being a writer if you plan on being a teacher of writing.  I knew this, but it was wonderful to have that particular message driven home time and time again in a two day period.

I. need. to. write.

I am just coming off a huge drought of non-writing.  I missed the community of writers and I missed putting my ideas down into a format, but as one day after another passed by, I got less and less ambitious about tackling writing.

I'm happy to say that for many reasons, I am now incredibly motivated to write this summer.  I will be writing about many topics and in many formats:
  • planning presentations (the planning, organization, and creating that goes into these definitely qualifies as writing)
  • capturing small moments of my life
  • blogging on a regular basis
  • writing more book reviews
  • reflecting on poetry
  • to use Donald Graves' phrase, find my "writing territories" and write about those in multiple ways
  • writing professionally
  • participating in writing retreats and writing groups
  • doing some of the prompt writing opportunities that #TeachersWrite offers
I will not be writing here at Literate Lives, though I will be sharing some of my writing publicly through a new blog just for me called Karen's Thoughtful Wanderings .  On Sundays, I hope to reflect back on my week and share some of the triumphs and some of the struggles here, but the rest of the week will be at the new blog.  You will be able to find me through TeachersWrite if you'd like to visit.

Today, and the rest of the Sundays through the month, visit Jen Vincent's blog to see the reflections of other writers as well.


  1. Hi Karen, I have quite a few writing goals for the summer, too, & am scrambling today to see if I can get ALL the ducks in a row! I'll see you on TeachersWrite! Good for you for creating some good goals in place, including that new blog, just for you!

  2. Karen,
    Yay! I am glad you are joining #teacherswrite. I am THRILLED you are starting a new blog.

    Thanks for the post about writing. I like the way you talked about the different types of writing you do. In all my studies of the work by Graves, I can't recall "territories". I hope you'll fill me in when we meet.


  3. Oh boy! I can hardly wait to look at your new digs (I haven't clicked there yet). I'm anxious to read your writing this summer. I decided not to join #teacherswrite this year because I'm in the thick of some projects and am trying to be intentional about focus. I'm anxious to support the community, though, and look forward from admiring from the outside.
    Happy writing,

  4. You continue to inspire me...I'm so blessed that our paths crossed through Twitter. I'll be reading...and maybe trying my hand at some writing too.

  5. You go, girl! Love the JOURNEY template you chose, and can't wait to read your writings!!