Friday, October 3, 2008

This is the Feast for Poetry Friday

I love Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday of the year, no rushing around, no commercialism, just good food, fun family time, football, and relaxation. I was very excited to find a new Thanksgiving book to share in THE PIT, and it just happens to be a rhyming book.

This is the Mayflower, sturdy and strong.
Her sails skim the skies as she journeys along.

This is the Feast follows the Pilgrims on their journey across the sea to start a new country. It's a very basic version of the story that all kids know, but Diane Z. Shore puts the words together in an enjoyable quick moving version that I think kids will enjoy.

These are the Indians, fearful, aware--
"Welcome" their greeting, approaching with care.

Along with the lyrical writing are Megan Lloyd's painted masterpieces of Pilgrim life in Plymouth. Vibrant colors, delicate details, and realistic scenes illustrate the words and will wow the kids in THE PIT! I love that I will be able to share another new Thanksgiving book with them.

This is Thanksgiving, a time to remember
the friendships and freedoms we all share together.

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