Monday, October 20, 2008

I Know An Old Teacher

Actually, I know lots of old teachers, but that's another blog post completely! I started a new book in THE PIT last week that has been good for lots of squeals and laughs. I Know An Old Teacher is a twist on the much used old lady and the fly theme. Anne Bowen takes the familiar rhyme, mixes in a teacher keeping the classroom pets for a three day weekend, and fun ensues!

The teacher swallows a flea in her tea, a spider that crawled beside her, a fish that goes swishity swish, a rat in two seconds flat, a snake named Jake that is as smooth as a chocolate shake, and Lizzie the lizard that gets stuck in her gizzard. The kids are having a great time repeating the verses along with me, and I must say, it gets a little loud from time to time, go figure!

The illustrations are done by Stephen Gammell who also did The Relatives Came, one of my all time favorites. The detail and color is amazing. The pictures of the teacher swallowing a spider and a rat downright gross in a really fun way. The teacher's wild red hair is hilarious and brings laughter from the kids every time.

By the way, my friend I like to call Vince, remember him from The Sea Serpent and Me? Came to me last week and told me that he had another new book recommendation for THE PIT, and guess what it was...I Know An Old Teacher on the exact day that I started sharing it. He's good!

Another review at The Friendly Book Nook, Charlotte's Library.

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