Saturday, September 6, 2008

Writing Tips with James Preller

So, I'm at school today, checking my email, and I see that I have received an email from James Preller. That's right, James Preller, of the Jigsaw Jones mystery series fame, and most recently, the author of Six Innings and Along Came Spider. I'm so excited -- James Preller has emailed little ol' me!!

** I feel the need to give a little background at this point. I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of Along Came Spider in June, and then reviewed it because I loved it so much. Somehow, my review caught James Preller's attention, and he blogged about my review here. After that, I started to read his blog on a regular basis, and I realized how much I enjoyed him as both an author and a person.

Anyway, back to his email today. It turns out it wasn't just addressed to me; there were 19 other recipients. But what he's asked us all to do is check out this new thing he's doing on his blog -- talking about the process of writing. His post on Friday really focused on leads -- he gave some wonderful examples, and then discussed them a little.

From his email, I think he would love it if both teachers and students would check out his blog, with his posts about the process of writing. In fact, he'd love to hear reactions to what he has shared as a writer. Here's the text of the email:

"As teachers, friends, and/or book-lovers, I thought you might enjoy today's post in my blog at It's about great first sentences and offers, I believe, an interesting/accessible platform to discuss all the elements of good writing (without having to actually go to the trouble of reading a BIG OLD BOOK.)

If you get a chance, check it out. I'd love to see any kind of reaction in the comments section -- from students especially. Or an email. If you find it worthwhile, please feel free to pass this note & link along to other book-loving teachers. Essentially, now that summer is over, I'm trying to deliver more "writing process" content to make it school-friendly and possibly even instructional. I'd like it to be more interactive, that's for sure, because it's hard to escape the sense of talking in an empty room. "

So, there you have it. Getting that email just made my day, but I think the idea here is that James Preller would like more of you to stop by for a visit of his new thinking, also. It sounds like a fabulous opportunity to have interaction with an author!! And what wonderful, real-life applications for students!


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  1. What a fun surprise on a Saturday! That, and watching your SiteMeter stats hit the roof!!!