Friday, September 19, 2008

Twenty-Odd Ducks

Lynne Truss has done it again -- she has added to her punctuation books with her latest, Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, EVERY Punctuation Mark Counts! This latest punctuation adventure doesn't disappoint.

Truss incorporates all the punctuation marks into this book. She has our old stand-bys: the period, the exclamation mark, the question mark, and the period. This time, she also has some fun with colons, semi-colons, hyphens, and parentheses:

"Our ancient-history teacher went to Egypt.
Our ancient history teacher went to Egypt."

The illustrations by Bonnie Timmons just help add to the fun of the text meaning.

If you enjoyed the original, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, you're bound to enjoy Twenty-Odd Ducks, also. This book will be joining my "Fun With Language" tub tomorrow!! It is such a great visual for kids to help them understand the importance of correct punctuation usage!


  1. "Fun with language" tub of books! What a great concept!

  2. After reading, Pumctuation Takes a Vacation, I can't wait to share this with my class. Great find!