Sunday, March 22, 2015

#SOLC15 - Spring Break

I am in awe of all those of you have consistently posted each day this month. Congratulations to all of you! 
I took a bit of a break for over a week. My husband and I were traveling for spring break to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  The posts I have written this March have been about relationships. That continues today. I have a deep love for, and relationship with, Hilton Head.

Spring break was both a literal and figurative breath of fresh air for me this year. I took some time for myself, and time with my husband, to regroup after several very difficult and emotional winter months. So, it seemed perfect to have planned a trip to Hilton Head, a place where I can always find some happiness and some inner peace.

So, what did I do that rejuvenated me?

Walking for hours on the beach
Soaking up the sun
Watching the waves lap up on shore

On our rainy day
Watching from our oceanfront view
As the waves crashed on the shore
Bringing all sorts of debris with it

Eating seafood
Fresh local shrimp
(grilled and steamed my favorite ways)
She Crab soup
Local crab cakes

Reading for hours on end
Suspense and thrillers
Heart-wrenching stories
that found me crying in my beach chair
Fun beach reads
as counterpoints

Playing golf several days
Trying out my new driver
not very successfully
but great weather
and my 6-iron keeping me happy

People watching
as I sat in my beach chair,
as I sat at the pool,
as I walked

Shopping on a rainy day
Fresh Produce:
One of my go-to stores at HH
and they sell NO fruits or vegetables
only fun clothing for warmer weather

with my husband 
the sound and feeling of it
delighting me

whenever I felt like it
and sometimes even when 
I didn't mean to fall asleep
Awaking feeling refreshed

This was my relationship with Hilton Head this past week, and I am quite grateful.

For more slices, go to Two Writing Teachers blog. Thanks so much to those lovely ladies for hosting this month-long event!!


  1. Mmm, this is lovely and relaxing! I grew up going to the beaches of the Outer Banks, NC, and I have so many similar memories. Lucky you - she crab soup!

  2. Your photos and reflection are wonderful - I'm so glad you got a time for rejuvenation with your husband! I hope it has refreshed and renewed you for the return to "real life." :-)

  3. Now that's a relationship I would not want to break up with! What a marvelous time you describe. Even the rainy day seemed to delight you. Gorgeous views!

  4. It sounds like you had such a WONDERFUL vacation. You deserved it!

    Thanks for sharing your words and your photos.

  5. Ah, I feel a bit more refreshed just looking at these photos and basking in your words. HHI💕