Sunday, March 1, 2015

#SOL challenge - Relationships - March 1

March 1 is here, and with it comes the opportunity to participate in the Slice of Life Challenge. These past few months have held many personal challenges for me, so I'm not sure I will have something to say each and every day. However, after reading Ruth's post yesterday, I am inspired to try for as many days as possible.

Then today, I ready Holly's post about choosing a theme for her writing last year and then again this year. That idea spoke to me - hinging my writing around a single idea. Again, I may or may not stay true to that, but it is my starting point. I have thought about what could be a guiding theme, and decided "relationships" would be the place to begin.

So, here we go...

Recently, I have had a very tight relationship with my Kindle and Overdrive from my public library. Today, I got lost in Overdrive for over 2 hours, browsing through possible titles to borrow for an upcoming trip to the beach.

I love the different categories into which Overdrive puts its books. My favorite today was browsing the Romance section - looking at all the bodice-ripping covers made me wonder if this wasn't one of the best reasons for having a Kindle - nobody can judge you because they can see the front cover of your book. But even with that anonymity, no Romance titles were borrowed.

Because here's the deal: borrowing eBooks, unlike getting books from the library, has limits. I am allowed to borrow only 10 books at a time. It requires a battle plan to use Overdrive. I have requested several books that are on hold for me and could become available at anytime, while others have pending due dates (again, at different times). So trying to plan for what 10 books will be on my eBookshelf at any one time becomes a challenge (though who doesn't love a book challenge!) and a little bit of a math problem.

I ended up borrowing a title from a new author for me, the next two books in an espionage/undercover series about Pike Logan by Brad Taylor, and final book in The Heist series by Ally Carter.

I much prefer being in an actual library or bookstore, but on a cold, snowy day, this was the perfect relationship with books for me - browsing on Overdrive and sending books to my Kindle.

For more Slicers taking the challenge, head over to our wonderful hosts, Two Writing Teachers blog, to see what everyone has to say.


  1. Your idea about collecting slices about a theme is a good one. I like spending the time within one writing territory to explore people and places to discover what I really, truly think. I, too, have had a year of personal challenges -- which, of course, are sure to show up in the writing I share with this community this time around. Maybe we should stick together to encourage the healing honest writing brings... :) Happy slicing this month! And, thanks for the tidbit about Overdrive! b

  2. I like that you and Holly have chosen themes to write to this year. I may have to think about that

  3. You are approaching this is a focused and organized way, Karen - I'm taking that as advice I need to pay attention to.

  4. I laughed out loud at the idea that us Kindle readers could secretly read trashy romance novels and no one would be the wiser! I'd never thought about that before!

    I alternate between my Kindle and paper versions... I enjoy both, but I do like the immediacy of Kindle books.

  5. ditto on the 'many personal challenges for me' and smiling about the first and overdrive...I think I need to consider a theme...maybe how not to retire. xo

  6. I laughed out loud when I read the relationship was with your kindle-I was expecting some juicy bits of a human relationship!

  7. Gosh I never though about having to have a battle plan for reading, but you are right! LOL!


  8. Karen,
    I enjoyed reading about your game plan for books! I laughed too when thinking about how you can hide from the judging eyes and be anonymous when no one knows what you're reading. I also like the idea of a theme...

  9. Karen,
    I am glad I am not the only one addicted to Overdrive! I can't even begin to tell you how many times my reading emergency has been receiving so many books from the wait list at the same time that I can't even begin to get them all read in a timely fashion. It's a chance I still take again and again.


  10. I love your theme topic!! I spend a lot of time looking for audiobooks on Overdrive. I think it's amazing that there are so many titles available for free!! You made me laugh about hiding "bodice-ripping" covers by reading a Kindle book! ;-) I hope choosing a theme topic makes it easier for you to keep up with the challenge!

  11. I don't know Overdrive. But you have definitely made me want to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!