Monday, October 14, 2013

Great resource for what I WILL be reading -- IMWAYR

Though I haven't posted about it, I have been reading voraciously since school began.  The thing about it... I haven't been reading children's books.  I have been reading stacks of library books and a huge number of books on my Kindle bookshelf (MasterCard loves me), but most of these books have one thing in common - they are adult reads.

Okay, I have also read a few delicious picture books recently:
  • The great new poetry book by J. Patrick Lewis, World Rat Day (kids loved it last Poetry Friday)
  • The hysterical picture book, Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian / illustrated by Tim Bowers.  Fans of Memoirs of a Goldfish will really enjoy this new book.  The hamster is our narrator and he has got great "voice!"
  • Crankenstein by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Dan Santat
  • Picture Day Perfection by Deborah Diesen and illustrated by Dan Santat
(We had great class conversations comparing/contrasting the illustrations of Dan Santat in these last two books.)

But, back on point...  Other than these humorous quick reads, I have devoted my reading time to adult reads.  I have found great new authors I love -- Kate Morton, for example.  And many authors I already enjoyed came out with new books -- Beth Hoffman, Dan Brown, Sandra Brown.

I don't think my adult reading will slow down anytime soon, because on Friday, a friend shared a blog that a colleague (Elaine) from my former school has been writing.  I went to her blog Friday night and it is scrumptious!!  Her blog is devoted entirely to adult books she has read.  She has great wit, and a wonderful way of spinning the story line so it hooks you (but no more than that).  In addition, she is heavily invested in the characters of each story, which is obvious in her reviews.  I love characters as well, and she has introduced me to some "new friends" I am dying to meet!!

Elaine's blog is The EZ Book Nook; even the title makes me want to cozy up with a book.  Check out her blog.  Hopefully, you will find some "new friends" you want to meet as well!

In the meantime, head on over to Teach Mentor Texts where Jen and Kellee are hosting the conversation about children's books that have been read this past week.


  1. Karen,
    Thanks so much for this link. I have been trying to decide on my next book. This really helps.

  2. Which adult books have you loved lately? I am reading Light Between Two Oceans right now and think I will be on an adult reading binge after this one. Would love recommendations.

    1. I'm loving everything by Kate Morton lately. Just borrowed Karen S's copy of The Distant Hours, but my favorite book of hers was The Forgotten Garden. Then, I really enjoyed the latest by Beth Hoffman who wrote CeeCee Honeycutt.

    2. Karen, Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Great response! I, too, loved Beth Hoffman's latest, Looking For Me. In fact, I heard from the author. Looking forward to sharing many more reviews in the days to come....Elaine

  3. Elaine and I have shared book titles for years! I was thrilled that she started this blog and amazed at the quality of her writing. My reserve list at the library grows every time I read another review. It was so nice of you to give her a shout out!

  4. Karen, Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. Great response! Beth Hoffman's newest Looking For Me was also a favorite of mine. In fact, I heard from the author. Looking forward to posting many reviews in the days to come.....Elaine