Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrating Writers

My first celebration has absolutely nothing to do with school, but it has been oh-so-fun!!  Friday was our conference comp day so this weekend became a 3 day weekend.  I spent the last 36 hours doing some power shopping -- some cute dresses, new boots (thanks to Franki for the inspiration), new yoga attire, a new tree to replace one that had to be removed, and a new console for our television.  My credit card hasn't had this much exercise in quite a while!!  But the biggest deal of all these things is what I'm typing on right now -- my brand-new MacBook Air.  I love the Apple store and the people who teach me so many new things every time I walk in.  And I love my new laptop as well!

But, on to the true purpose of the Saturday celebration, the part about my students, not me.  I was having a writing conference with a student this week.  She has been somebody who learned how to avoid writing along the way - she would draw pictures, write notes to friends, and just chat up a storm.  That ability to converse is why I knew she had a lot of important things to write about; I just needed her to commit to putting those great ideas down on paper.

She had a breakthrough this week.  We had spent a great deal of time this past month learning and applying revising and editing skills to help enrich and polish our pieces.  With all her newfound skills, she was ready to tackle a new piece.  So, during our conference, she shared that she wanted to publish a story one chapter at a time on our KidBlog.  Her rationale was she planned to end each chapter with a cliffhanger that would leave the reader wanting more.  How cool is that?!!  She is thinking and planning like a writer.  I can't wait to listen to the "buzz" her installments will produce.  I've already read the first chapter and it's a doozy!  Classmates will be begging for more.

How wonderful for her that she found her writer's identity, and how lucky for the rest of us that we get to take the journey with her.

For more celebrations, head on over to Ruth's blog.  Have a great weekend!


  1. There is an author just waiting to tell her story, I'm glad she has found the way to share her voice. It will be interesting to watch her develop.
    I loved your line about the credit card getting exercise. That made me laugh!

  2. Sounds like your extra day was fun, Karen. Fall always seems to tell me the need is there for new clothes, guess it's the temperature change. And your story about the young woman is one to note, and remember, and to celebrate. How great for you, and especially for her. Thanks for telling about it!

  3. How cool, Karen! Love that your student has found the love of writing. And love your shopping trip too. :)

  4. We loved reading about your shopping extravaganza and the story about your student. What a special moment when a writer finds her passion.

  5. Hooray for Friday off, Hooray for the new computer (and oh so very jealous), Hooray for the writing breakthrough!

  6. Love it when students find their voice. Glad you encouraged along the way. Celebrating the you time shopping. Excellent indeed.

  7. Karen, Your post makes me smile start to end! Two of my favorites, SHOPPING and a student break through! Good luck to your write-in her new adventure!

  8. Woah! Boots AND a Mac Air.