Saturday, October 12, 2013


Ruth continues to be an inspiration for me as a writer time and time again.  I love her concept of celebrating a small moment that has given us joy, and then sharing all those moments on Saturday.  It's a perfect reason to dust off my laptop, and jot down this event that I've been reliving the past week. What a wonderful way to begin the weekend!!

A week ago Friday, our school was engaged in a walking fundraiser for the tigers at our local zoo.  The concept is simple -- you are teamed with another class, and you walk together to the Metro Park across the street from our school, and then you walk back.  Popsicles for everyone at the end.  Donations made by friends and families.  A great event.

As in past years, this year we were paired with a kindergarten class. To keep tabs on everyone, the kindergarten teacher walked in the front and I walked in the back to take care of those stragglers who are easily distracted by every little thing.  One of my boys was paired with an energetic student who just kept running forward to catch the rest of the pack, and then back to us.  Instead of running with his partner, my student, T, stayed and chatted with me.

He literally talked the entire 1/2 mile to the destination in the park, and then the 1/2 mile back.  I was flabbergasted!!  This is a student who hardly ever chooses to talk in class.  And now, here I am, on a gorgeous fall day, learning so much about T's family, his interests, his activities, and his friends.  If we hadn't taken this walk, and he hadn't had such an energetic partner, I might have gone the entire school year without learning as much as I did in that 1 mile walk.  This past week, as I greeted him each day, there was a little more purpose in how I greeted him; we now are linked in ways we weren't before.

That my friends, brought me joy!

Have a great weekend!  And sometime, check out some of the other celebrations that others had to share at Ruth's blog!!


  1. I am always blown away by those opportunities to really get to know a kid one on one. And it makes such a difference in the way I am able to teach that child!

  2. Karen,
    Love those opportunities to see students outside of our learning community. Happy to have wondered by to see your writing in the world, celebrate, and discover the party hosted by Ruth.


  3. It's rather like those backseat conversations that we have when the kids really open up. What a nice thing for you to discover, and a great thing to do with all the kids, too!

  4. And it is in those tiny moments that we are given the chance to get to know a child whose voice might be a quiet one most of the time. Glad you had that opportunity my friend!

  5. Love this, Karen. Glad you had time to talk to your student and make those connections that mean so much.

  6. Karen --
    You always make me smile. I wish we could spend more time on porches and swings just talking and writing. I love this celebration of yours. Your lines that started "If we hadn't...if he hadn't..." made me realize this is why celebrations can often slip through our fingers. They are easy to miss -- often hinging on serendipity.

  7. Karen, I loved hearing about your joyful walk! Thanks for celebrating this moment with us.

  8. What a great moment. It is always nice to connect and he clearly connected to you that day (and you did to him).

  9. Aren't we lucky when we get to leave the routines behind?

  10. What a special connection! I love how you note you are linked in a new way.

  11. Karen,
    Love that you are dusting off your lap top and celebrating! Your celebration warms my heart. The best line~
    ...a little more purpose in how I greeted him; we now are linked in ways we weren't before.
    Happy Celebrating!