Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picks From THE PIT: Lincoln School Style

I expanded THE PIT this week. Well not literally, but it feels like it. My sister Martha who teaches 3rd grade at Lincoln Elementary in Ashland, OH invited me up to read to the whole school. I've managed to get time to read to her classes over the years, but this was the first time I read to the whole school. They were celebrating their Right to Read Week and the theme was "Wild About Reading!" When she introduced me, Martha told the kids that's why they invited me, because I'm wild about reading and because I get a little wild when I read!
As some of you frequent readers know, my favorite part of being in the library is reading aloud in THE PIT and the kids at Bailey are a great audience. Well let me tell you, the kids at Lincoln make a fabulous audience too!
I started with Elephant and Piggie: I Broke My Trunk and it was awesome when the younger kids got "interactive" yelling "NO!" when Piggie asks Gerald, "Is that how you broke your trunk?"

I knew I was in for a good time and moved onto Interrupting Chicken. The Lincoln kids got into that one too, laughing at all the right places and joining me on "OUT JUMPED A LITTLE RED CHICKEN!"

Sunday Chutney's stuffy nose voice brought giggles and smiles and the ending always brings a laugh.We finished with Fandango Stew and the kids at Lincoln sang the refrain with me over and over and over. Martha told me that the next day the playground and hallways were filled with kids singing Fandango Stew. When I told my Bailey kids this story, first they sang the song and then they remembered that is exactly what happened for a week when I read it to them. It just confirms what we all know, kids are kids no matter where they live.
To make my day, 30 minutes, of reading more special there were two honored guests in the audience, my parents. It was a special thing for me to have them to hear me read to the kids. They've always been incredibly supportive of my sisters and me so I'm glad they got to be part of this extremely fun afternoon.
As I headed back home, I couldn't help smiling about the time. I love the kids faces and reactions to the stories. Just one more reminder of why we do what we do. Thanks Lincoln for inviting me, I hope we can do it again sometime!


  1. Oh,believe me! The kids at Lincoln hope you can do it again sometime too! From the comments I heard, the teachers do too! Everybody wanted more! Great fun, great reading! Thanks Bill!

  2. How fun for you, the kids, and your family! You're a read aloud ROCK STAR!!!