Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gordan Korman Launches a New Series

I recently had the good fortune to read an ARC of Gordon Korman's new series (possibly a trilogy) called Titanic. Book One of the Titanic series is called Unsinkable.

Korman has done a fantastic job blending historical events with characters and stories the reader won't soon forget. In that way, Unsinkable reminded me of the movie, Titanic. I got so involved with the characters in the movie, I kept thinking, "Oh this time, they'll miss that iceberg!" The same happened to me with the characters in this book.

I am so invested in the lives of the characters in Unsinkable, I can't wait for Book Two to see what happens next, even when I know full well what the final outcome will be. Darn it! I really care about these characters. Korman has done a fantastic job fleshing out very believeable characters (even if sometimes stereotypical). There is the slightly spoiled elitist rich girl, the stowaway running for his life because he picked the wrong person's pocket, the Irish gangster and his hoodlums (ok, I don't care quite so much about them), the girl whose mother was a sufferagate and recently asked to leave England, the boy whose father worked in the bowels of the ship feeding the steam engines of the Titanic, and Thomas Andrews, the designer of the Titanic.

In each chapter, the storyline jumps from one character to another which results in quite a few cliffhangers. I literally couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what would happen next for each of the characters. And don't even get me started about the one surprise that happens at the end of the first book. Mysteries, secrets, and intrigue abound on-board the Titanic.

Gordon Korman has written a series that most definitely will hold water with readers!! Unfortunately, the publication date for Unsinkable is not until May 1, 2011. Mark it on your calendar! It can't get here soon enough.

Other books in the Titanic series:

Book Two: Collision Course

Book Three: S.O.S.


  1. Wow! I didn't realize he had a new series coming out...thanks for the review, I will be sure to check it out!

  2. I hope it is for elementary students...mine love anything Titanic so this would be an easy sell! Thanks for this great review.

  3. Peaceful Reader - Most definitely for upper elem students. I was incredibly pleased with that! I anticipate kids loving it!

  4. you are lucky to have read an ARC, I really want to read this series! Too bad may is so far off. :(

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    May can't come soon enough because I want to buy a copy and get it in the hands of my students. The titanic is such a topic of interest for kids.

  6. Yes, it was popular when I was a kid too, I guess it's one of those subjects people never lose interest in. especially as the anniversary is coming up!