Friday, January 21, 2011

First Kids Mystery Series Off to a Good Start

Martha Freeman writes great mysteries for kids. She is the creator of the Chickadee Court mystery series that includes Who Stole Uncle Sam? and 3 others in the series. Since I introduced them to kids, they don't stay on the shelves. They are all well written accessible mysteries for elementary kids.

Now she has come out with a new series that take place in the White House. In the first book, The Case of the Rock 'n' Roll Dog, we are introduced to sisters Cammie and Tessa. They are the daughters of the president, living in the White House with their president mother, grandmother and Aunt Jen, who serves as White House Hostess.

In this first book, the girls are adjusting to life in the White House, Secret Service, the protocol of being the First Children, and living with their annoying cousin Nate. They are the owners of a dog who is a bit out of control and prone to stealing things. That leads to the mystery when things start to go missing and the girls must discover who is doing it.

Throw in a visit from popular boy band The Song Boys, a cast of White House employees that help the girls adjust and you have a really fun, easy to read mystery. I'll be recommending this to all of the kids at Bailey. It will be a push for some of the younger ones, just right for most third and fourth graders, and a quick read for the fifth graders. That's one of the reasons I really like this book, it has range! All kids can enjoy it and some will even solve it. Martha Freeman knows how to write for kids and I'm excited she is introducing another series.


  1. I'm headed to my Amazon cart. :) Hope you had a good snow day!

  2. So glad I found this one (it was a Cybils nominee).

    D'oh! I didn't make the connection with the Chickadee Court mysteries ... which I've read based on your recommendations. Love them.