Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two New Funny Books

I've had two laugh-out loud funny books at my house for about the last three weeks; I just couldn't find time to blog about them. Shame on me, because these books really belong in my students' hands ASAP. So, tomorrow I'm taking them to school, and I expect a frenzy of voices telling me that they want to be the first to read these books. So with no further ado, here we go!

Big Nate is back in Big Nate Strikes Again and he is just as funny as the first time!! Between trying to avoid a partner project with his female archenemy, to finding all sorts of hiding places to avoid having Randy pummel him, to being named captain of a fleeceball team that someone names the Kuddle Kittens, to writing and trying to sell Poor Nate's Almanack, Nate is back with great flair. I think my favorite part about Nate is his stream of consciousness that Lincoln Peirce does such a great job of conveying with his thought bubbles and comics. This book will be flying from one person to another in our classroom!

Another recent find is just plain silly and a whole lot of fun -- Amazing Cows: Udder Absurdity for Children by Sandra Boynton. You want some great cow knock-knock jokes - check! You want to learn to speak cow - check! Looking for notes on cow fashion - check! You want to know the story behind the super-hero Amazing Cow - check! These things and much, much more made me laugh and groan, but I sure had a fun time! The play on words to make them "cow-like" will provide many a chuckle!


  1. I think I can still quote all the Boynton board books, and my youngest is 12! (Dinosaurs early, dinosaurs later, dinosaurs crammed in an elevator!) Can I justify buying her for my middle school library? Hmmm.

  2. Does my favorite librarian have the Cow book? Sounds like one I need to check out!