Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen and Heroes!!

I read The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future way back in the summer, and I remember roaring with laughter as I read. Unfortunately, it got buried in my pile of books to review, and it's been sitting there ever since. Truly unfortunate because I just know my class this year is really going to enjoy this book. I imagine hearing a lot of yucks around the room as they race from one funny event to the next.

I personally was hooked right at the beginning when the author (Dav Pilkey in disguise) shares that Ook and Gluk are cavemen that live in Caveland, Ohio (a tip of the hat to Cleveland!). Other reasons I think The Adventures of Ook and Gluk are a riot:
  • The characters are diverse -- Ook has string blond hair (and a missing front tooth) and Gluk has a fabulous Afro.
  • The villian's name is Big Chief Goppernopper.
  • Chief Goppernopper's henchmen can never get his name straight -- lots of funny humor in some of the names they do call him
  • One of the henchman reminds me of Sonny Bono (not sure why that amuses me, but it does).
  • Ook and Gluk have all sorts of colorful names for their enemies ("smelly crud face" and "pee-brain goof juice" just to name a few)
  • A kung-fu master that gives Ook and Gluk some of his knowledge (or rather he tries to give his knowledge)
  • Time travel devices that are pretty ridiculous.
  • Lots of great barfing as plot devices.
If you're looking for a fun book to hand to a child that loves humor in his/her books, The Adventures of Ook and Gluk : Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future, should be right up their alley. I feel fairly certain that when I share this book with my class, there will be MANY people who want to be the first one to read it. I just feel bad that it took me so long to get this book in their hands. :)

Someone else who thought this book was lots of fun: Mary Lee at A Year of Reading

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  1. I ended up buying four copies for my school library and they are checked out all the time. Not surprised.