Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Next Trip to Cover to Cover 5

It's been a while since I posted a list of my future purchases, and here's what I've discovered about my bookstore posts, they are very helpful to me! Hopefully our Literate Lives readers are finding them helpful too, but the last time I went to Cover to Cover, I consulted my posts so I wouldn't forget something. Anyway, here are my next purchases at Cover to Cover.

Wonder Horse: The True Story of the World's Smartest Horse by Emily Arnold McCully: Born to slavery, Bill Key exhibited a talent for communicating and caring for animals at a very young age. Once he was a free man, Bill studied to become a vet and began taking care of animals. When his favorite horse dies giving birth to a crippled colt he is almost inconsolable over the loss. The colt comes to him and Bill is renewed. He realizes the intelligence of the horse and trains it to answer math and spelling questions. From that point on Bill and his wonder horse Jim travel the country entertaining crowds. This non fiction picture book will be a hit with all of the horse lovers at Bailey.

Stand Straight Ella Kate: The True Story of a Real Giant by Kate and M. Sarah Klise: Ella Kate Ewing was born at a normal size but soon after began growing at an abnormal rate. When she was done she was eight feet tall! Today we know that Ella suffered with gigantism but in her day, she was made fun of by kids and adults when she went in public. Her only way to deal with her height was to join traveling shows and circuses where people paid to see her. As cruel as this may sound, it actually worked out well for Ella, she became wealthy and built her own house to accommodate her size. When she would return from the road, she would host many of the townspeople to share her travels and the exotic locations she was able to visit. Kids will be fascinated with the actual size drawings inside the back and front cover and the story will be excellent for teaching about making the best of a difficult situation and not feeling sorry for yourself.

The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon Illustrated by Lynne Avril: When Ginny starts kindergarten, she realizes she love reading circle, but reading itself is difficult. Not because Ginny doesn't know her letters and sounds, but because she sees two of everything. Ginny figures out if she closes one eye things clear up but her teacher tells her to stop squinting, she realizes that if she gets really close the print things clear up but her teacher says "we read with our eyes, not our noses." And so it goes until a school vision screening discovers that Ginny suffers from double vision. When she visits the eye doctor he fixes her up with a patch until her special glasses are ready and Ginny is thrilled that it allows her to see like the rest of the kids. Great story to teach kids that we all can learn, we just do it differently. It's also a great eye opener for us teachers to our students' differences in the classroom.

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  1. Hey Bill, the book about the giantess reminded me of the Giants of Seville, Ohio. They were also performers who settled there eventually. There is a historical marker in the town park commemorating them. In the fall Seville holds a giant festival, with history talks and wagon tours of relevant sites. (Also good chicken barbecue!)

  2. Please keep the lists coming! I use them to find new and interesting books for my 5yo and for my classroom!! Love City Dog, Country Frog which you referenced a while back!

  3. Bill, thanks for the lists of your trips to Cover-to-Cover. They are costing me $$$, but much appreciated. So many good little time.