Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Mosaic

I'm leaving on Thursday for my second trip to Boston, much smaller group, only 30 kids this time. I won't be posting until I get back, but I'm pretty excited, I received a copy of James Preller's new book Justin Fisher Declares War! today and will be taking it with me.

I finished Patricia MacLachlan's new book Word After Word After Word and liked it a lot. I can see many uses for this in the class room, Karen reviewed it here. I wonder if Ms. Mirabel has been added to the list of cool teachers at A Year of Reading. Since the book has already received a lot of attention from the blog world, I thought I'd make a mosaic for it.


  1. Thanks friend I will plan on using this mosaic when I read parts of it aloud to my class this fall-enjoy Boston I will miss the trip with you not the bus ride home!

  2. Great mosaic, and good call about Ms. Mirabel! I'll add her now!

  3. Bill, I love your mosaic idea. I remember you talking about it. I want to try it with my third graders this year. Hope Boston was fun!