Monday, January 25, 2010

The Wild Washerwomen Working in THE PIT

I found this on the new books table at my local Hilliard branch of the Columbus Library and because the illustrations were done by Quentin Blake, I was drawn to it. It didn't disappoint.

The story is about 7 washerwomen who go a little crazy after being worked too hard by their cruel boss. They drive around in a goat cart terrorizing the locals by splashing them with mud, trashing the market place and ringing the church bells to alarm everyone. They have so much fun that they go on a rampage everyday forcing all of the surrounding villages to build watch towers in order to give warning of approaching washerwomen gone wild!

Eventually 7 woodcutters hear about the wild washerwomen and come up with a plan to scare them. When the washerwomen spot the dirtiest things they've ever seen, they apply their talents and strength to soak them, soap them, rinse them, bang them on the rocks, wring them out and leave them to dry. It is then that they discover that they kind of like the ultra clean woodcutters, they marry and never work for their cruel boss again.

John Yeoman's take on the story is simple and fun, and when paired with Quentin Blake's illustrations the book brings good laughter to the kids in THE PIT.

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  1. This sounds great and interesting because I've been a wild washerwoman and the cruel boss (family) never understood that sock, underwear and towels do not belong where you take them off... under bed, on bed, in living room, is not where you put things that need washing.
    Thanks for posting this and I'll look for the book.

  2. It sounds delightful! I'll have to pick it up on my next trip to the library. My son loves to count, so this may be right up his ally. Thanks for the wonderful review!