Monday, January 4, 2010

Celebrating Jon Scieszka

We wanted to take a break today from our Looking for Newbery to give a quick shout-out for the amazing Jon Scieszka. Mary Lee and Franki over at a Year of Reading are hosting a celebration day for Jon as he prepares to leave us in his ambassador position. In my opinion, Jon Scieszka is loved by all children, but he has been a huge influence in bringing to boys stories that hold interest for them.

A book of his that I use frequently with many types of focus lessons is Guys Write for Guys Read. What an amazing way to engage boys in reading -- an entire book of short stories by male authors about their lives as boys. Boys can truly relate to these authors' experiences, some humorous, some serious.

Another book that cannot stay on my bookshelf for any length of time is his book, Knucklehead. Scieszka tells stories about his own childhood that are laugh-out-loud funny. Nothing can cause more giggles from my boys than when they get to Chapter 8, "Crossing Swords." Only a boy can appreciate the humor in all 6 brothers urinating at the same time and then getting into a "sword fight." Great boy humor!

As a female teacher and the mother of 2 girls, I so appreciate Jon Scieszka's guidance when it comes to good books to get into the hands of boys. So, on this his last day as Ambassador, I'd just like to say a huge, "THANK YOU!"


  1. I have been trying to decide on my favorite Scieszka book all day. I am thinking Knucklehead!

  2. Thanks for the nice tribute, Karen. And I love that you are using GUYS WRITE and KNUCKLEHEAD to reach those reluctant reader guys.

    Stand by for more books from Guys Read!

  3. Jon,
    Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. All of us who are part of children's literature (teachers, librarians, authors, publishers, students, etc.) are very grateful for your 2 years as Ambassador.
    I don't know if you'll be stopping back, but I most definitely will be watching for more Guys Read!!