Monday, September 7, 2009

Tiger Pups Has a Huge AWWWWWW Factor!

I couldn't resist this cover on the new books table at my library and wasn't disappointed when I got it home. The photos by Tom Harvey and Keith Philpott are enough to sell this book, but the text and information are presented in such a kid friendly way that make this book even better.

When three tiger cubs are abandoned by their mother at birth, Tom and Allie Harvey bring them home and begin to care for them. The Harveys are the owners of the wildlife park and know something must be done to save these cubs that are no bigger than guinea pigs. Fortunately for them, they have a live in "tiger cub nanny" named Isabella. Isabella takes them in and raises the cubs as if they are her own by nurturing and feeding and playing with them. The three cubs take to Isabella as if she is their own mother until they get too big for the Harvey house. We've all read stories about wild animals being raised by humans, but the twist on this one is that Isabella is a golden retriever. Thanks to the motherly instincts of this beautiful dog, the tiger cubs become tiger pups and survive.

I can't wait to share this in THE PIT with the kids, I know they will be as taken in by the photos of the tiger pups and their nanny just like I was. It's also going to help me meet my goal of introducing more types of books this year, mixing them in with the funny and loud ones I have favored in the past.

VERY cool video here.

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