Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Time For the Cybils!!

Tomorrow, on October 1, the nominations for the Cybils will begin. If you haven't checked out this year's Cybil website, you need to go visit. Many of the categories have their panelists posted on the website, and you can learn more about both the category and the panelists. Also, the judges' names who take it from the final 5 to the winner in each category are listed as well.

The Cybils are a great way for our kidlit blogging community to share what we think are the best and the brightest books that were written this past year. I know I eagerly await the nominations, the top 5 or so picks, and then the winners. What a great concept the Cybils is!!

In addition, this year Bill and I have a vested interest in the Cybils... more details to come later.

For now, I am just anxious to see the books that are nominated in each category. Let the nominations begin!!!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. I need to get caught up on everything blog related!