Friday, March 20, 2009

Picks From THE PIT Read Alouds

I haven't shared what I'm reading in THE PIT for a while, and there's been so pretty good stuff, so here goes!

Tsunamii: Awesome pictures and wonderful story about a wise elderly man who saves the seaside Japanese village from a killer wave. I've already put it on my Caldecott short list.

The Boy Who Went Ape: I love the pictures in this, especially those of the teacher, Ms. Thunderbum! The kids go on a field trip and Benjamin, the troublemaker, trades places with a chimpanzee at the zoo. Some very funny bits, but the ending left my first graders wondering why the book "just stopped."

Mighty Casey: Even though I chose this because James Preller was coming to visit, I would have read it anyway. It's a fun take on the classic poem, and when the Delmar Dogs tied the game, we were doing the wave!

Sneaky Weasel: My friend Beth at Cover to Cover pointed this one out to me. As soon as I read it while standing in the store, I heard the Sneaky Weasel's voice. Very fun and a great lesson on how to be a good friend to boot.

I Feel a Foot: I just started this one today and will continue after Spring Break. Another version of the classic tale of animals finding something mysterious in the dark. Each animal has its own
personal take on what the beast is due to their perspective. Great, colorful pictures on black backgrounds and fun dialogue made it a hit today.


  1. I loved Tsunami. The quiet meter is always a great way to tell if it is a good read aloud. During this read aloud one could hear a pin drop on the carpet!

  2. Can't wait to reserve these at CML!! Have a great break Bill and Karen!