Friday, March 7, 2008

We Are the Ship Meets Sports Illustrated

I probably should save this for Nonfiction Monday, but I just had to share this now...
My husband's weekly Sports Illustrated magazine arrived at our house this past Thursday. I've got to admit, I love seeing who or what is on the cover each week, and then I especially used to love turning to the last page to read what Rick Reilly had to comment on for that week (sadly, he no longer writes for SI, but old habits are hard to break).

Anyway, as I glanced at the front cover, I saw a small inset box with a picture that was very familiar. It was titled Pride of the Game, and below the oh-so familiar picture, I saw Kadir Nelson's name. What??!! It's true! Sports Illustrated this week has jumped on the kidlit bandwagon, and Phil Taylor has written a wonderful article highlighting Nelson's book, We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball. He includes quotes from Kadir Nelson, and emphasizes the importance of Negro league baseball history in his article. Taylor's review of the book, and his description of Nelson's powerful pictures are well worth the read (especially if you're snowed in and have nothing else to do, as we are here).

In the article, SI also included many of the fabulous pictures found in Nelson's book.

Take a peek! It's worth it!

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