Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meet Jeff Kinney

My class is absolutely wild about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney! My 5th graders, boys and girls alike, argue about who gets to read the latest book next. So, when Borders bookstore recently sent me my Borders Rewards member email containing a clip of Jeff Kinney talking to parents and children in Michigan, I had to share it with my class. They loved it!

After that success with my class, I thought I’d pass it along. So, my gift to you this Sunday is a Borders 01 link that takes a peek at this very popular author. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


  1. We finished Wimpy Kid II this week and our Reading Support teacher sent us the Borders Link. We listened to it in class Friday and the interview prompted great discussions and debates from our students based upon Jeff Kinney's thoughts. I am in awe daily when my reluctant readers are asking for more time to read because I have books of this genre and graphic novels. Thanks to all the authors who are addressing this need.
    Shelly-4th- Pinney

  2. My students love these books!!! Thanks for sharing...

  3. That was a good video. Totally appropriate to share with my class. We will pretend like we are at an author visit. It doesn't matter what book I introduce to the class this year, these two will still be the favorites.

  4. Shelly -- Thanks for your insight. I think you are right about these books filling a need for some kids struggling to find a just right book. What is great, though, is that ALL readers, regardless of ability, are enjoying this series and books like it.

    You're welcome!

    You're right -- these books have universal appeal, and they're accessible to even the most struggling readers. I know I'm a fan!

  5. Karen-
    I accidently bought this for my second grader when he wanted it at Barnes and Noble. I did not preview it until I was home and was a little concerned it was too "sophisticated" for a soon to be 9 year old. I told him how I felt about some of the content being that he is (to me ) sill a little kid. He wants to read it and says many of his friends at school have read it. As a mom and teacher...what do you think?