Friday, March 14, 2008

Poetry Friday With Another Spinelli Selection

I know I'm supposed to pick my favorite Dylan lyric for Poetry Friday hosted by Jama Rattigan, but I'm not really a Dylan fan, so I'm going with another book of free verse by Eileen Spinelli. It's from the book where i live, a collection of free verse poems written from the perspective of a young girl. She starts by describing her house and then goes through her life events which lead to a move to Grandpa's in Pittsburgh due to her dad losing his job. This takes her six hours away from her best friend Rose and the poetry writing camp she earned by writing the best poem at her school. In the end, she still gets to go to the poetry writing camp, and makes a new best friend, Sam. A boy that shares her interest in astronomy. She writes on her first night in the new house:

When you move
and go to sleep
for the first time
in a new room,
you feel strange.
Even if your new room
is midnight blue
like your old one.
Even if you are in
your own bed.
Even if your family
is in the same house.
Even if the same moon
that hung over
your old neighborhood
is hanging in
your new-neighborhood sky.
No matter what,
that first night
you feel strange,
spooky, and a little

I like this book just as much as Summerhouse Time by Eileen Spinelli. I think this one will be better for the younger readers. For another review, check out Read, Read, Read.


  1. Thanks for sharing a poem from this collection. The cover alone would make me want to pick it up!

  2. Another book on my towering to-read pile!