Saturday, April 19, 2014


It's Saturday, and a great one at that!  Here is what I am celebrating today:

1) Tomorrow is my 29th wedding anniversary.  Tonight, my husband and I celebrated those 29 years by eating at one of our favorite restaurants.  Fabulous company and fabulous food made for a lovely evening.

2) After spending over 100 days at a rehab facility for physical therapy after an infected hip, followed by a hip replacement, my mom went home this week.  My niece stopped by to see her today, and sent a great picture of Mom sitting in her favorite place at home, their patio enclosure.  She looks incredibly happy to be home, a place she hasn't seen since December 19.

3) The amazing weather of this weekend.  It is hard to believe we were driving in snow all the way to Youngstown on Tuesday on our way to a funeral, yet today was blessed with sunshine and lovely blossoms everywhere.

I hope you are celebrating something today as well.  Have a wonderful weekend, and check out other celebrations at Ruth's blog.  Thanks Ruth for hosting us each week.


  1. Congrats on 29 years, Karen! I know when I think of how long I've been married, I can't believe where time went (37 this year). What a joy to have your mom back home, there is no place like home. It's been a lovely weekend, so glad spring showed up.

  2. Happy, happy anniversary, Karen. That's a lot of years! Happy to hear that your mom made it home at last. What a nice weekend to be there!