Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrate! - April 5

I haven't been a regular attendee on Saturdays for quite some time, but after being fortunate enough to hear Ruth speak today at central Ohio's Literacy Connection workshop, that is going to change right now.

Things I am celebrating this beautiful Saturday:

1) The gorgeous sunshine blessing us.  There is something about a sunny spring day that just puts an extra spring in my step (pun intended).

2) Lunch with colleagues.  A normal work week would find me trying to finish lunch in either 25 or 40 minutes, depending on whether or not I had recess duty.  Today, at the workshop, we had a leisurely hour and a half, so many of us headed out to nearby restaurant and had the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxing lunch than on a typical day.

3) Colleagues and my PLNs.  Today, I was surrounded my people I consider colleagues and also people who are part of my personal learning networks.  Educators from a variety of districts and states were present, and I learned much from many of them.  How fortunate I am to have found people near and far that help me grow as an educator.

4) Ruth.  In my world, Ruth is a one-name moniker much the same way that Oprah is to others.  Ruth inspires me with her faith, her love of family, her dedication to our profession, and her love of children.  Her passion for writing and conversing about how to celebrate writing are even more reasons she is so special.  Spending the day listening to, and learning from, Ruth was both humbling and joyful.

5) My mom was a bit better when I visited her in rehab after the workshop.  She unfortunately developed a case of C. diff while recuperating from her latest hip replacement, and it was quite horrible for her.  It probably set back her recovery a few days.  She was looking much better today, and the antibiotics seem to be doing their work.

So yes, this is a celebration Saturday!  For more celebrations, head over to Ruth's blog to gather joy.

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  1. So jealous that you were able to spend the day learning and being inspired by Ruth. She is an awesome person! I think having lunch out with friends is the best. You are lucky to be surrounded by great teachers.