Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Oasis in the Summer - Slice of Life Tuesday, June 12

My screened porch is my oasis in the summer. 

A little more than a year ago, I had a knee replacement, so I didn't really get to use it as much as I'd like last summer.  Maybe because of that, whenever I'd have a particularly difficult day this past year, I'd reflect on how this summer would be different and I would visualize myself on the porch - having friends over, eating meals, taking naps, and doing lots of reading.  And as I reflected on how much time I would spend on the screened porch, I decided it was time for an updated look.

I spent days and days looking at patio furniture this spring, but I just couldn't find the furniture that looked like it might be the right fit for our screened porch (it's a little on the smaller side).  I looked at high end places, I looked at resale stores, I looked at Lowe's and Home Depot - nothing quite seemed to fit my needs.

Then, I found myself at Target one day on an unrelated errand, and there it was -- the patio furniture set that would be perfect for what I needed.  I couldn't wait to buy it! 

Knowing what I wanted, I talked to a sales clerk who didn't seem to want me to purchase anything from the store.  First, he told me the floor model was their last set, and he couldn't sell it to me unless it was on clearance.  After we brought in another, more experienced employee, it was decided that yes, I could purchase the floor model.  Whew!  But wait... if I wanted the floor model, I had to take it all with me in one trip; they wouldn't hold it for me.  The problem is I have a small SUV and could only take a few pieces at a time.  I promised to make multiple trips, one right after another, but they assured me that was not going to work.  I got so frustrated, I just plopped down on the furniture, trying to think of a solution and hopefully blocking any interested buyer from purchasing what was rightfully mine. :)  Anyway, after consulting via phone with a much more rational friend than me at the moment, she suggested I at least talk to the store manager and explain the situation.  Success!  The store manager understood that I would be making trip after trip to pick up all the furniture and she was fine with that.

The furniture now resides on my oasis, and even after that saga (which is quite amusing to me now), it really is the perfect furniture for the space and for many years of continued enjoyment.  I've already eaten many meals out there, read voraciously, and taken some great naps, and it's only June 12!

Here's to many more wonderful days and nights on my screened porch, my summer oasis.

Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting us on Tuesdays -- I'm delighted to be continuing my membership in this writing community that meets every week for Slice of Life Tuesday


  1. It's absolutely beautiful, Karen, & your view-Ah-h! Hard to believe that people, like Target, make up so many rules about things, when all you wanted was to give them money! I can see why you were so frustrated, but also applaud you for not giving up. A recent advisor told me as I have navigated all the changes in my life lately not to give up with a company, but to go to the higher ups who can make the decisions, which you finally did. Good for you & happy napping and reading.

  2. Lord have mercy, sometimes I wonder if these stores really want our money. :) Glad you got what you needed for your porch; it looks beautiful and relaxing.

  3. A lovely oasis. I know, why does something so straight forward and seemingly simple, sometimes turn into such an ordeal. Life I guess. This is a good reminder to keep trying.

  4. It's gorgeous! Glad you found and got what you were looking for. We have a screened porch as well and LOVE it. I really should spend more time out there. Happy reading, writing, and napping!

  5. It certainly looks like an oasis! So wonderful that you persevered!

  6. What a great place to just "be." I'm glad you persisted and got what you wanted. Enjoy your time out there!

  7. Beautiful oasis! Wishing you many inspiring moments there this summer!

  8. It does look beautiful and great job on the furniture! It is wonderful to have a "special place" that can bring so much joy! Enjoy many days and nights in your oasis!

  9. Karen,
    Your porch furniture looks beautiful. It looks like the perfect place to read, write and host delightful conversations. Next time you are in a similar situation call me, we have a truck.


  10. It looks so inviting and peaceful. I love the light coming in and the flowers out of the windows. I enjoyed hearing your persistence to get what was rightfully yours. ;)