Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Celebration - Tuesday Slice of Life

I'm delighted to be continuing my membership in this writing community that meets every week for Slice of Life Tuesday. I decided to write this slice in honor of my wedding anniversary.

This past Friday was a celebration
of sorts
On April 20, twenty-seven years ago,
I got married

That April was incredibly
hot and humid
Bridal party awash in 
perspiration and sweat
air conditioners at hotel
weren't working 
but it mattered not;
The day was a celebration

My bridesmaids and I
gathered in the choir room
putting final touches on makeup
 hoping our updos didn't go flat
after the many ministrations of the stylist
We toasted with champagne
as we donned our dresses
preparing to begin our walks down the aisle
to celebrate a new beginning

Dad escorting me
my arm clasped tightly through his
as I prayed I wouldn't trip in my heels
Glimpsing my soon-to-be husband 
waiting for me
at the end of the aisle
Huge smile on his face
I knew this was truly a celebration

"I now pronounce you man and wife"

Where have all those years gone?

We've been celebrating in other ways
during the past 27 years
The births of two beautiful daughters
Building our first home
Decorating it just-so
Buying our second home
and making it our own
baptisms, first communions, confirmations,
graduations, dance recitals, sporting events,
many family vacations
friends and family
new jobs that came with new responsibilities

Yes, these past twenty-seven years
Have flown by
And there are so many, many
reasons to celebrate today!!


  1. Happy anniversary, Karen! The years do fly, don't they? And the best part is that you remember so well all those details, the heat, but it didn't matter, the hairdo's, & they were fine I bet, & your dad walking you & you didn't trip. The most important was that smile you see, down the aisle. I love your memories!

  2. So much life has happened in those twenty-seven years! Seems like it was yesterday doesn't it? Congratulations on your anniversary. I love the description of the weather, unseasonably warm. I relate, it was sooo hot on our wedding day too.

  3. Congratulations, Karen and husband! Thank you for sharing your celebration with us in this lovely poem. I agree with Linda; it is amazing how much we remember of those important moments in our lives - the heat, the look on his face, the hairdos, and all the other celebrations that have happened since that day. I wish you many more celebrations in your life.

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    How wonderful! One thing our priest said on our wedding day that I will not forget is marriage doubles joy and cuts burdens in half! For the most part it's been true for us, we are on 15 this year!

  5. Well done friend! Let's do breakfast again soon.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing.


    27 is a glorious number. You were blessed to find your soulmate.

  8. Karen,
    Happy belated anniversary. Life has been busy and I am just catching up. I enjoyed this glimpse into your last 27 years. Wishing you many many more.