Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Poetry Potpourri Presentation for NCTE 2011

I had the amazing privilege of working with two very smart ladies while putting together our presentation on poetry for NCTE this year (titled "Poetry Potpourri"). Katie Doherty (some of you may know her from her informative Choice Literacy articles and videos) and her mom, Dee Doherty, were my cohorts in crime, and we had a blast the last few months, while learning a lot from each other at the same time.

It's been a little over a week since we presented in Chicago, and we wanted to share our slideshow with whomever might be interested. We are attaching the googledoc link to our slides and also the link to the resources in our handout.

We hope you enjoy and can find something to use for yourselves.

Link to slideshow...

Link to resource list...


  1. What an amazing resource to poetry and great examples that we can all use in our own classrooms. THANKS for sharing and I can't wait to share with my class on Poetry Friday!!!

  2. I wish I could have been at your presentation! You've given me some ideas on how to ramp up my Poetry Friday and I love the list of resources. There are quite a few that I don't have. :) Thanks Karen!

  3. Just today I had my students dig in to poetry--specifically the sound/sense/structure bit. It was so much fun seeking out poems and explaining why we love them. I'd do it again any time Karen! Thanks for posting this.

  4. Maria - glad you found some things to use.

    Julie - still bummed our sessions were at same time. Heard you guys were amazing, not that I'm shocked even a little!

    Katie - I agree - would collaborate with you again in a heartbeat!! Such great fun and thinking!

  5. Hey Mrs. Terlecky!!!! It Hannah Schaefer. You might not remember me but I was in your last fifth grade class at Bailey. I just thought I would say hi and ask for any good book suggestions. I'm in eighth grade and I'm

    -Hannah Schaefer

  6. Hi Hannah,

    I am so happy to hear from you, and more importantly, so happy to hear that you are looking for good books to read. A lot of the books I'm reading over break are coming from the link I'm posting here:
    Let me know if you find any books you like. It's a nice variety.
    Tell me what topics you like to read about most.