Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Bears are Making More Noise in THE PIT!

Things got a little noisy in THE PIT today. I started reading a book I found called More Bears by Kenn Nesbitt and there really is only one way to read it...LOUD!

The story starts out quiet enough with an author writing a nice lovely story that has absolutely no bears. But then, sort of like me when I come across a book I really like, the author begins to hear voices. The voices are asking for, "More bears!"

As the story goes along and the demands for more bears become more enthusiastic, the author begins to add more bears, starting slowly at first with a cuddly-wuddly baby bear, a mama bear named Stella and a papa bear named Captain Picklehead. The voices demand even MORE BEARS and the author begins adding bears at a frenzied pace. Bears riding pink bicycles, playing ukuleles, surfing, wearing lederhosen and the list goes on and on and on until there isn't room for anymore bears on the page. All of them expertly illustrated by Troy Cummings with lots of things to look for and at on every page.

When reading this book aloud, it's hard for me to keep myself from working into a wild frenzy and it just keeps getting louder and louder and the kids all join in yelling for MORE BEARS and IT IS AWESOME!!!

The surprise ending leads to lots of laughter and giggles in THE PIT and I am reminded why I love my job!

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  1. This sounds like a fun book! I have already added to my library book bag! Can't wait to share it with my kids!

  2. I can't wait to add this book to my collection. It sounds sooo fun! I enjoy his poetry so I am sure I will enjoy this picture book. Thanks.