Saturday, September 17, 2016

Celebrating both Balance and Unbalance - #celebratelu 9/17/16

I've been absent from this celebration community for quite awhile, but I want to thank Ruth for so graciously hosting this platform for celebration each and every week.  Check out all the celebrations at Ruth's blog.

Saturdays are usually the day I work with my trainer, but today she was out of town, so I decided to investigate a yoga class I had never attended in place of training.

The yoga instructor started our class by reminding us that this week will be the fall equinox, and how that reminds her of balance because there are only two days in the entire year that have a balanced number of daylight and non-daylight hours. The fall equinox and the spring equinox.

She went on to say that, if only two days are totally in balance on our planet, then we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves when our own lives aren't perfectly in balance. This was a huge aha! moment for me.

I've strived for balance through the recent years and when that didn't happen, I just assumed I needed to work even harder at getting to balanced living. But what if life isn't meant to be totally balanced? What if parts of my life take precedence at times, only to have the pendulum swing at some point to a different focus? I like that idea a lot.

In fact, as I reflect back on the first few weeks of this school year, I realize that daily, my life shifts from a balance leaning heavily toward school to a balance leaning heavily toward time with family and friends, to a balance of taking care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. No one day or week has been the same.

So, today I'm celebrating the balance and the unbalance of my life. My goal will be to focus on and totally enjoy whatever activity is currently taking most of my attention, knowing that eventually, the pendulum will swing another direction.


  1. Maybe balance needs to be viewed from a distance. As we live we shift. Maybe that is a part of that balancing thing. As we need we shift so we don't topple over. Thanks for joining in and making me think.

  2. Karen, I love this. I have come to not be so interested in balance, I've come to realize that the best moments in my life have come when life is a bit out of balance. I found it interesting to know that only two days each year have balanced daylight and night.


  3. It's a lovely way to look at life, Karen, swinging one way, then the other, or still another! I try to look at those days when I have fewer things to do as gifts when I can discover new projects, ponder new ideas. Reflection, as you've so wisely shared, is key to making our lives good. Thanks!

  4. Reading this makes me feel better about being so unbalanced! Certainly an aha moment! Sometimes don't you hink we are just too hard on ourselves?

  5. I like the perspective you bring. It is ok to have some unbalance and instead of feeling torn to focus and enjoy whatever takes the most time currently. I believe all teachers can relate how the beginning of the school year takes over most of our life in the fall.

  6. Well, this post just makes me feel better because I am an utter failure when it comes to balance. :) Only two days for our world? I guess I'm doing ok then. I think I've come to understand that there is no way to balance, but it's important to have all aspects in our, work, physical health, mental health and spirituality. I try to pay attention to when one aspect is taking over and rein in a little bit. I love this post Karen! Thanks and have a great week.

  7. Love this - celebrating the balance and the unbalance of life! Also love your aha moment about our world only having two days out of the year that are perfectly balanced.

  8. I love this idea! I know I get out of balance and I like this reminder that sometimes that's okay. :)