Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gifts - #Celebrate 4/17/16

Thanks also to Ruth for each week hosting celebrations from us all. What a gift to have a place each week to celebrate! 
And a huge congratulations to Ruth on publishing her first eBook, Jump In, Great Teaching Begins In the Pool!!!! For more information on how to get this eBook - it's FREE!! - check out Ruth's blog.

This week made me reflect on the concept that celebrations are really the flip side of something unpleasant or unhappy. Most of my celebrations this week focus on this idea of two sides of a coin:

Celebration #1 - Though a loved one just got very difficult medical news this week and was in the hospital through Thursday, on a beautiful, brilliantly sunny day here in Columbus, he was able to attend the Spring Game for his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes yesterday. I am so happy he got to have this wonderful day with his son and grandson.

Celebration #2 - This week began our state assessments, and third through fifth graders took the English and Language Arts component of the test - a two day assessment. Though the math and science/social studies components are still ahead of us in two weeks, I'm celebrating that now the ELA test is behind them, teachers are really thinking about things they want to refine in their classroom instruction, and different things they want to try on for size with me as their literacy coach.  The work we have planned together in the near future is so exciting, and I can't wait to learn and collaborate with all of these teachers!

Celebration #3 - Though I was groggy and exhausted all day Wednesday, on Tuesday night my husband and I went with friends to see Bruce Springsteen in concert. Man, oh man! Almost four hours of singing and dancing (me!) without any breaks. Bruce really knows how to tell a story with his music and words, as well as entertain. At one point, he even body surfed through the crowd! A fun, fun concert!

Celebration #4 - I woke up this morning and could barely move because of all my aches and pains, However, I reflect back to yesterday, and I have to celebrate. I started my day working with my trainer, and she really kicked my behind. Legs, arms, core -- all were pushed to the max yesterday. But at one point I said to Tami (my trainer) - This is killing me but I am so much stronger than I used to be so I'm calling it a 'win'. And then, after training, on a gorgeous Saturday, I did yard work which uses muscles that aren't frequently used. I'm truly celebrating the good fortune I have to be outside to work in our yard, and to be getting stronger each week as I work with my trainer.

Thinking about my celebrations brings to mind another analogy:
Is your glass half-empty or half-full?
I am fortunate that my glass tends to be half-full on most occasions.

I look forward to hearing about your celebrations this week!!


  1. It is good to look at the "other" side, & see that that glass is half-full. I saw about your concert on FB, such a wonderful thing that you did for your husband. Can always sleep later! Have a happy Sunday, Karen.

  2. Interesting that our celebrations are often the flip side of the "tough" things in our lives. We gardened a bit this weekend too, potted flowers for the deck and front of the house. I'm like you, the glass is generally half-full for me. Love that you're celebrating exciting learning to occur in the near future!